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  1. I just bought this module, but I don't see any training missions, any single player missions and no campaign. Is it normal or I miss something?
  2. Hi, i have an huge fps drop when i set tgp and mav in both mfd and units are in the fov of this cameras. How do you set mfd screen resolution? I am on 1024 every frame. If i set lower resolution doesn't change very much
  3. Can i have both ob and stable installed at same time? I read that this xx.56 vers. hase some problems, as performance, green stars.....
  4. I don't find the key for the "panic mode", program 6. Which key is assigned to that function? What is the name in key list?
  5. do you know where the development of the f16 is compared to the f18? is it far behind or is it on the same level?
  6. Thanks. But, we must await for all the things with red "no" write for the final version?
  7. what's the point of the situation? what things are missing? how much is it for the final release?
  8. Wich version do you suggest me between stable or beta of 2.5? I'm a recruit of this game.
  9. Thank's for this addon, it's the most interesting addon/mod I've ever seen! At this time I'm testing it, and it seems to work well I hope you develope this little but great utility, including others object, ship and so on... and you make it more complex and fun. Great works!!! P.S.: Sorry my english, I'm italian Hi
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