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  1. maks

    Civilian planes

    for removing the aircraft .......just simply delete aircraft directory in dcs world / mods / terrians / nevada / models ..... much easier than scripting maks
  2. but how do they find my email address then ? and what cabn it be of any use for the hacker ?
  3. dear ed team, received 2 emails with a password change request without requesting them myself! is this someone who is trying to hack my account ? any one else same issues ? brgds Maks
  4. dear all, im in need of advice on following : 1) when i use 1 screen 1920*1080 , i can Lalt + Enter and then i go into Full screen mode and can hold my ideal 60fps all the time (Full Screen option in the menu selected) 2) when i use 2 screen 3840*1080 , mfd cougar on 2screen .......if i put in Lalt + Enter .....i get my global cockpit view and the 2 mfd on 1 screen , which is logical but , in this mode i can keep also 60fps on the cockpit view , if i then do Lalt + Enter again , i get the cockpit on the 1st screen but cant keep up the perfect 60fps , the fps fluctuates to 55 and 60, causing stutter so my question .....is there a poss to get constant 60fps when using these 2 screens ? (the 2nd small 16inch monitor is an usb one also 1920*1080) i have tried by using the option Full Screen in the options menu but that doesnot help .... any info would be great - have a nice dcs flight - brgds maks
  5. dear all, try to rename the tech file in your saved games / mods / for me it helped which means one or another mod inside this tech file is corrupting the 2.7.1 brgds maks
  6. @tempusmurphy Hi there , i am new on this topic.......so if I understand correctly , I buy for example 2 x 7 inch monitor and just connect them via hdmi to the pc ? with the understanding that my graphics card has 3 hdmi connections then ? lost there .... can you guide me ? brgds Maks and if it works , how to you transfer the mfd for ex of the f16 to them? I read cubesim makes special Lua file to postion them correctly ? do I need to do this then also myself or is there another way ?
  7. Anyone experience with the woojer vest and dcs? Would be great if you could feel the touchdowns and high g effects thru it? brgds Maks
  8. Flanker 1.0 around 1995 ? ....at a pc gathering in Brussels ! And later around the release of Black Shark , i had the chance to met Jim Mackonochie. brgds Maks
  9. sorry delete Aircrafts instead of Airliners ......was not on my pc earlier :music_whistling:
  10. Go to Mods/Terrain in your main dcs directory , and delete in Models .......Airliners Works in syria,nttr
  11. now looking to delete the small rocks on the airfields , the pop up also but not soo much as the bushes ......will advise if found
  12. ok , found it ......look for a file called Anabasis_setifera.ref in the main dcs folder , under Mods , under terrains , under Syria, under surfaceDetails and there delete this file .......then no more popping up of the annoying bushes :pilotfly: btw , to get rid of the static aircraft to add your own civil airliners , go to Mods, terrains, Syria, Models and delete the whole file named Aircrafts ....same for PG map and Nevada map
  13. Dear, Not 100%! .....u can get rid of the bushes in PG! Delete small bushes from surface details directory and they are gone! I cannot find this file in syria map so maybe Maestro from ugra can advice us location and name Of this file then we can just delete! Try it on PG map! Brgds Maks
  14. i hope the annoying popup of the small bushes and the sudden appearances of the shadows can be fixed? On the PG map , i have deleted the bushes as i find them ugly when they appear suddenly ....... great map !
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