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  1. Looking good! Do you need help with any research?
  2. You've truly increased your skill at 3D modelling over these 10 pages. Keep up the good work!
  3. Don't want to cause any drama but did Magnitude dismiss the idea of having a clean canopy in the future (I'm genuinely asking) ? AFAIK mig is awaiting much love after the CE and maybe then we'll see radical improvements.
  4. It is very likely it's these forums. Luckily, the person that published the documents was not breaking any laws.
  5. My deepest condolences to his family and the DCS team, Rest in Peace.
  6. Guys, calm down. Until any official statenent has been announced, it is still being worked on.
  7. Great video, thanks for sharing! How many episode can we expect ? Not sure if it's any help but they posted some charts comparison in their FB page Heatblur facebook page, charts comparisons
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the procedure to apply full power when catching the arrestor hook in case the wire snaps? It might have been one of the reasons it recovered from the accident.
  9. Does anyone know what is happening with the HUD around 15.19 in the last video, part 9?
  10. That looks hard. I'm curious to see Rb15 deployment.
  11. I've never hit that thumbs up button so fast before!
  12. Hey Cobra Is it a secret or mind telling us who received the promo? Curious if Bunyapi got one build since I enjoy watching his videos!
  13. I may have missed it but did you guys get a license from the manufacturer to create the Troika? I'm asking because it will be a pity if you invest a lot of work into this project just to have your dreams crushed.
  14. As much as I do agree with you Goblin, I must also say that fans on the forums have helped a lot to spread information and promote this fine bird.
  15. Here's one more http://kartor.eniro.se/m/IEmfP Bottom right, real airstrip. On the top, one highway airstrip and to the right is one road strip in the forest.
  16. Bulldog was flying, and I quote Hook from the match, "the rivets of the Viggen". Goblin said it, it came down to tactics and experience but nonetheless exciting to watch!
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