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  1. Update: well, it appears your corrupted-file theory was spot-on. I started replacing folders with a backed-up burning I made, and everything went swimmingly after replacing the ME folder. Thanks for the feed-back, but look into reducing the caffeine. ;)
  2. Actually I'm quite calm; in fact, I just got me some ice cream and enjoyed it rather much - very calming. And you're probably right about having to reinstall, but it seems odd that I would need to do that when nothing has changed with a perfectly working install of FC, save for the mysterious disappearance of the SU-25T. And why would it seem odd that Starforce would remove the Starforce-protected portions of Lomac if it suspected it was suddenly running on a different configuration? This is reasonable thinking IMHO (inaccurate perhaps, but reasonable: for example, some demos allow you full function until a time limit is reached, then certain features are then removed). Now, the black helicopters silently hovering over the trees in my backyard do have me concerned and may indeed constitute paranoia - but that's another issue. Also, no the SU-25T is not available as an AI plane either. That's how I discovered it was missing, because I had it set as an AI target in a custom mission and noticed its absence earlier when I ran that mission. Also, I've never had FC to crash on me since I've installed it. Also, how do I get a corrupted file when I have not manipulated any files? Any more help?
  3. Can anyone explain to me why I can no longer access the SU-25T all of a sudden in FC? I haven't changed a thing to my PC or FC except for a few driver upgrades recently (X800XT & Catalyst 5.6). My guess is that Starforce simply removed the SU-25T because it didn't like my upgrading graphics drivers. But should it do this? Any help?
  4. Just curious if refinement of the code to obtain even beter FPS is a priority or even an objective of ED's for their future patches (or even future titles for that matter). Or is ED simply going to throw in more and more layers to their sim products while hoping the customer base will simply upgrade their hardware? The reason I ask is because of the soon-to-be-released stellar-performing consoles, namely the X-Box 360 and Playstation3. Though I am not fully familiar with the specs of these consoles, my understanding is that there will be something like 3 (three) 3.5GHZ CPUs working together to produce gameplay, which as of yet, has been unrivaled in the PC market - and all for something like $450. Most of us recently spent that much or more alone for just a graphics card upgrade, which most will agree still do not provide completely fluid gameplay in Lock-on. And though there "will" be some die-hard grognards who will continue to upgrade in hopes of obtaining Lock-on FPS fluidity - my thinking is: once these consoles hit the market and everyone starts seeing what's available for them, loyalty to the PC market will begin to wane, thus worsening the sales for ED - that is, unless of course, the Lock-On code (and its follow-up titles) are optimized to such an extent that they can be played, with FPS fluidity, on yesterdays hardware. That alone, I believe, will ensure the survival of ED and future Lock-On sales. Just a thought I had... :)
  5. Sweet! Thanks TekaTeka. And thanks KuostA, but that's the mod I'm already using. TekaTeka, will your mod have the scratches removed as well or will it be compatible with the "no-scratch" mod? Thanks again.
  6. Does anyone know of a mod or, at least, how to mod the reflections so they are more pronouced (or noticeable). I'm using the "no scratches" mod and some of the reflections are so faint that they're barely noticeable (almost like flying without plexy in the canopy). Surely there are some texture files that contain the reflected image of the cockpit for each aircraft. I would think raising the intensity levels in photoshop would make the reflections more enhanced or "existent". Any help here?
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