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  1. I'm getting weird masking when i get into the 3d in VR. Also mirrored on the screen. Any ideas how to fix it ?
  2. Since this poll sits deep down in input devices/ VR sub forum, Its unlikely most people who don't have VR or are not interested in it will see it, so not a valid reflection of total DCS users IMHO.
  3. Ok. Removing the Opencomposite.ini file, sorted the 'line 2' error, but i'm still getting no Thanks again, removed the opencomposite.ini file and got rid of the config file error, but now back to image not rendering in the headset. I can see image is tracking because the screen mirror is displaying VR correctly. (only happens when the OpenComposite_DCS (DCS.exe) option is ticked in the toolkit. EDIT Solved. Working after restarting everything. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Here's my experience with the different dll's I have downloaded. composite ini file is now removed from DCS bin folder. For now i'm gonna stick with no Toolkit, just OpenXR. OPENXR TOOLKIT v 1.1.0 DCS Open Beta OPEN XR DEVELOPER TOOLS : HP REVERB G1.
  5. Thanks, details below. Note that DCS works whether this file is in the DCS/BIN folder on not!. Would appreciate a link to where i can get the latest version of this file. cheers
  6. Wrong image, Updated. Also files are as specified in the bin folder. In fact DCS works in OpenXR even without the DLL in the bin folder. But once i tick the DCS in the toolkit, it crashes. I also confirmed that the toolkit works fine by testing in MSFS.
  7. DCS crashes with the OpenXR toolkit running. I Followed the guide, and have DCS working for some time with OPEN XR, and getting great performance. However, when i tried running the toolkit, DCS crashes on start up. I have now followed the updated guide, using the OpenComposite Runtime tool, and i still get the error when i run the toolkit and i select the OpenComposite_DCS (DCS.exe) option in the 'Enable OpenXR Toolkit selectively for each application. Also noticed I don't see the DCS World icon in the OpenComposite App configuration window, as you do in your guide above.
  8. Anyone else having the mouse cursor constantly visible? Normally gets hidden after a few seconds.
  9. Very positive experience for me also.. What i like/notice. Can have significantly better frames or better image quality, or balance of both. Can run now without motion smoothing, so getting the benefit of higher frames. No strobing of the image during the loading (now reverts to black, much less irritating). No STEAM VR needed (and it frequent updating of steam). Much faster load up. Overall much better VR experience with DCS and my G1 (still some life in the old yet!)
  10. I posted on this above also. What i did, not sure which resolved it, 1. Removed, and re-installed OpenXR Developer Tools for Windows Mixed reality, from the Microsoft APP store. 2. Re-booted machine, 3. Made sure WMR is not running when i start DCS. Note i followed only the 3 key instructions (no additional addons etc). Dropped the 3 recommended files (from the OCXR_WMR_ACC package) into the BIN folder, Set WMR not to start steam, Installed the OpenXR dev tools.
  11. Great idea. Yes got it working by creating the new saved games folder, and now copying back in the stuff I need. Have not found the offending file/files, but not that important actually. The F6 view is really fun in VR.
  12. Still not solved this issue, and reluctant to do a full reinstall. Any more suggestions welcome.
  13. Just switching the off from the pit. Again its just for reference. Your mileage may differ.
  14. Thanks, VFGIP JP. I can get 17.6-18.4ms frame times, sitting on the ground on Syria map at Incirlik, mirrors off, with the above settings, but that's not relevant to anyone except me. A point I was trying to express, is that with those settings, game works best for 'ME', and could be used as a starting point for others trying to setup their VR. The other point which may have been lost, and which was a big surprise, for me, is that Motion Vector makes a huge difference to my experience (smoothness), which is not reflected in the 'measured performance (frame time/frame rate), due I'm guessing to the nature of the underlying process of estimating dropped frames. For me, ON gives me a much smoother performance than off. There maybe trade offs i'm not aware, but have found none so far. For anyone who has not tried this setting, i would recommend they do so.
  15. Thanks for this. And I have done some testing and GPU frame times are the same for 0.5/400 and 1.0/100 PD/CR settings. I have changed the post to reflect this.
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