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  1. Hi everybody ! I've made a new video for the openning of fighterpilot.de ! This web site has been created by Commandant Marc Grüne, " Turbo ", who is a German fighter pilot, flying on French aircraft on French air base since few years in the 1/12 squadron. :pilotfly: He asked me to create a video with a Mirage 2000, so if you want to see it, just follow the link, thanks :thumbup: Video High Quality: http://brigandm.free.fr/topgrune.html Web site : http://www.fighterpilot.de/ The site is going to be translated in English in few days :smilewink:
  2. Hi, Stephen Just to say thank you to appology for what you have done and to have deleted the movies. Don't worry, for me it's forgotten, cause it's very rare to see people admit their mistakes in public. :smilewink: Dobberman
  3. Hello ! :) Sorry to be so late with my answer but don't worry i'm working on the subtitles but it's sometimes hard to translate cause there are french jokes :smartass: . Well i think i could finish in few days but at this time i'm going in holidays for 2 weeks :cry: Be sure after i will finish my work quickly ! Thanks for all your answers :smilewink: Dobberman leaving aera and frequency
  4. Hello everybody :) I have to finish for the moment the subtitles for the entire movie :book: I will inform you when it's done :smartass: But for the teaser it's all right :thumbup: Get up stand up ...
  5. you're right GA, the game used is Silent hunter 3, a great game ! :thumbup:
  6. Hello ! :smartass: Here is the teaser from my new movie made with Lockon. I hope you will enjoy this teaser cause it's a little bit "special" ... You can find more informations by following this link : http://brigandm.free.fr/ba.html Good day ! :thumbup:
  7. Good job, especially if it's your first one ! :D Good music and pictures, i like the bridge's bombing with the dust blowed by the reactors ! I'm waiting for the next one but with a history the next time ? :icon_wink
  8. Well, thank you very much for all your answers, there are making me happy ! I'd like to read that you feel emotions when you're watching this movie. :icon_redf It was my principal objective :icon_wink See you ;)
  9. Hello ! The time is over ! Here is my last movie made with Lockon. The story is about 2 friends, young fighter pilots who make their formation on Su30. Just look the movie under good conditions cause the story is a little special. I hope you will enjoy ;) HOLDING HANDS :icon_wink
  10. Hello guy ! I propose you to watch a teaser from my last movie based on Lockon. The movie will come soon. hope you will enjoy :icon_redf http://brigandm.free.fr/holdinghands.html :icon_wink
  11. Thanks for all your messages ! It makes me happy ! :)
  12. Yes , you have just to download the BSplayer (link on the Bensky & Mutch Web page) and download the subtitles just over the 3 pictures of B&M. All the procedure is written on the B&M page ! ;)
  13. Hello ! :D I've done an an humorous movie from lomac and i want to share it with you. It's a parody of Starsky and Hutch, without cars ... but with planes. I hope you will enjoy to watch it. You can find the files here : EDIT : http://thebrigandmike.free.fr/benskyetmutch.html site hacked ... :icon_frow For the moment try here for B&M : http://tapadiuno.free.fr/benskyetmutch.html Thanks a lot and see you soon ! Dobberman ;)
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