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  1. With the DED set to the CNI page, use the dobber switch up and down to select what the Increment/Decrement switch controls. It can be used to select the current steerpoint, or the UHF/VHF preset channels (provided the radio is set to a channel instead of a manual frequency). A pair of mirrored triangles are present over the option it's currently controlling.
  2. All fighter squadrons from the 388th flew Block 40.
  3. It's entirely possible the layout the OSB options are different between blocks/tapes, since the labels are provided by the computer, not the pod. I'm not saying it's definitive one way or the other, just a point to consider.
  4. LMAV doesn't explicitly require you to lase the target yourself. If could be lased by a drone, buddy, or JTAC.
  5. Waypoint 59 now automatically populates with the Bullseye, try waypoint 58.
  6. Are you noticing any difference between cold start and hot/air start?
  7. Hard to tell without a track. Was the original TGT undesignated when the egress waypoint was selected? Did the next JDAM in the release order have TOO coordinates?
  8. Possibly(?) related, but definitely more info on AZ/EL and the FOV box here:
  9. Which carrier were you operating from? CVN-74 doesn't have a Supercarrier counterpart currently.
  10. Rainbow Canyon (Star Wars Canyon, or Jedi Transition) is actually located in California. It's outside the high-fidelity area of the NTTR map, so don't go in with high expectations. N36°21'45" W117°31'12"
  11. Main reason it's different is that some symbology on the DDI is provided by the mission computer, while other symbology is provided by the pod itself.
  12. The nature of MIDS radios and Link16 itself is already encrypted, it doesn't require a separate module.
  13. Reported before, but didn't get any traction.
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