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  1. Tholozor's post in F/A-18C Target Pod Coordinates error was marked as the answer   
    @MTSection You can switch between DDM and DMS from the HSI -> DATA -> A/C submenu with the PB labeled LATLN, which will switch between DCML and SEC for DDM and DMS, respectively. Precise can be toggled on the HSI -> DATA -> WYPT submenu with the PB labeled PRECISE along the bottom row.
  2. Tholozor's post in AGM-141A TALD shows up as "82P" on SMS Page was marked as the answer   
    82P is correct as-per documentation I've seen, 141 was likely a placeholder.
  3. Tholozor's post in "Improved" FLIR was marked as the answer   
    Placed vehicles initially have no heat unless given a late activation.
  4. Tholozor's post in Different green tints on TPOD display - normal? was marked as the answer   
    Main reason it's different is that some symbology on the DDI is provided by the mission computer, while other symbology is provided by the pod itself.
  5. Tholozor's post in JDAM TOO Targeting was marked as the answer   
    Try this:
    AG mode, FLIR on. JDAM select, arm EFUZ, switch to TOO. WPDSG target waypoint. Assign TDC to FLIR. TDC Depress on FLIR to drive TGT designation. Slew to target. TDC Depress to write coordinates to JDAM. Pickle IN ZONE.
  6. Tholozor's post in Wags CASE III VIdeo was marked as the answer   
    He only showed the new Link 4 and ACLS options just to show them, that doesn't necessarily mean he used that part of the video to set up the mission in the final recording.
  7. Tholozor's post in JDAM test was marked as the answer   
    Exactly, the last weapon dropped has more retained energy due to reduced slant range as you move towards the target.
    The JDAM's INS guidance system is active pretty much at all points in the flight, with the GPS correction kicking in after about 30 seconds from separation. If the weapon is released at maximum range, it may be commanded to use a pseudo-gliding approach to reach above the target then turn down to respect the terminal attack angle, which can lead to an increased TOT versus a weapon that was dropped at a closer range.
  8. Tholozor's post in AP Wings Level was marked as the answer   
    Additionally, you can use Control Stick Steering (CSS) autopilot mode, which acts as a pilot relief mode, by pressing A/P then ON/OFF on the UFC without selecting a specific autopilot mode like BALT or RALT. An 'A/P' advisory should appear on the ADV line.
    When engaged, CSS will command the aircraft to hold the current pitch, provided within ±45° of the horizon. The pitch can be adjusted with the stick or trim switch. If the current roll angle is less than 5° from center, the aircraft is commanded to maintain magnetic heading, which can be adjusted with the stick or trim switch provided the roll angle does not exceed 5°. If roll angle is greater than 5°, the aircraft is commanded to maintain the current roll angle, which can be adjusted either with the stick or trim switch anywhere between 5° and 70°.
    De-selecting a specific autopilot mode will command the aircraft into CSS, unless the paddle switch is used, which disengages all autopilot modes.
  9. Tholozor's post in Syria HSI Map Issue was marked as the answer   
    Already reported.
  10. Tholozor's post in FARP shows too big in ME was marked as the answer   
    The model of the FARP pad extends underground to an extent to account for uneven terrain, this isn't reflected in the editor icon, which is showing the full boundaries of the model.
  11. Tholozor's post in NDB ADF No Station Sounds was marked as the answer   
    Check the middle switch on the CMWS control panel. CMWS and ADF audio run on the same line, so you won't hear the ADF tones unless set to NAV.
    Check this video at the timestamp.
  12. Tholozor's post in LITENING II POD ZOOM was marked as the answer   
    Same reason. The lens of the CCD camera is not the same as the FLIR camera. It's also possible your first picture was taken a long time ago, things change during development.
    Here's 2 screenshots taken from the exact same range in active pause.

  13. Tholozor's post in F\A-18 problem with payload was marked as the answer   
    Those are pre-made payloads, you don't have to select those if you don't want to. Right click on each empty numbered station to select whatever you want.
  14. Tholozor's post in GMT ground radar does not track was marked as the answer   
    Make sure you're using the Sensor Control Switch to lock the target, not TDC Depress. TDC Depress only creates nav-stabilized designations, it does not command the radar to track targets in AG mode.
  15. Tholozor's post in How do I set up Datalink to show wingman as blue? was marked as the answer   
    Currently not possible, has to be the same group in the editor.
  16. Tholozor's post in Radar Altimeter doesn't work on Carrier Cold & Dark start. was marked as the answer   
    The radar altimeter is a separate device from the main radar; you never turned it on. The control gauge for it is next to the hook lever and BuNo plate. Scroll the knob above 0 to enable it.

  17. Tholozor's post in MGRS Coordinates not saving was marked as the answer   
    After you input the MGRS data, dobber down until CNVRT is highlighted, then ENT to convert and accept the changed coordinates. Also, MGRS steerpoints are 21 through 25.
  18. Tholozor's post in coords of radar gnd targets was marked as the answer   
    Hover the TDC cursor over your TGT designation marker on the SA page and it'll give you the bullseye position in the bottom-right data block (assuming you've set the A/A WP on the same bullseye as everyone else). You can do this with any marker from anyone transmitting their TGT designation.

  19. Tholozor's post in verify your RDR altimeter is on to enable RALT AP mode was marked as the answer   
    Did you turn the radar altimeter on? I know, kind of a 'duh' question, but we gotta cover the bases.
  20. Tholozor's post in Help obtaining a “full” alignment? was marked as the answer   
    The maximum quality during alignment was updated recently. Status 6 requires a different procedure (Enhanced Interrupted Alignment) that isn't implemented at the moment. For now, status 10 is the best you can get.
    The EIA process would look something like this: 
  21. Tholozor's post in HSI moving map bug? was marked as the answer   
    Feature; HSI will not display the map at the 80 and 160 scales.
  22. Tholozor's post in Radar problem - assistance please. was marked as the answer   
    FLIR zoom is also controlled by the radar antenna elevation control, makes me think there's a control bind issue somewhere.
  23. Tholozor's post in No Red Port Left? was marked as the answer   
    The anti-collision lights on the Hornet flash red on both the port and starboard vertical stabs. Only the position lights follow red/green rules.
  24. Tholozor's post in HMD will not change direction was marked as the answer   
    Correct as-is: 
  25. Tholozor's post in RDR ROT was marked as the answer   
    What you might be seeing is 'AOT' (Angle-Only Track). This can occur when a contact is jamming. The radar is able to determine the azimuth of the contact, but the range is ambiguous.
    Does it look similar to what Wags showcases here?
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