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  1. I see where this topic is being ignored. So I will ask again to keep this subject alive..somewhat. What is going on with MAC ? Come-on guys. The squeaky wheel gets the attention. If those who are interested in MAC ask more often maybe it might lite a fire somewhere.
  2. Is this project (MAC) dropped or perhaps a Manager can give or get informaion on this topic.
  3. lazduc


    Prior to purchasing a number of aircraft for three other flight simulators, would someone who has communication with the upper management of DCS kindly ask if they intend to actually release their previously mentioned title MAC this year. Since a mention of this was to be announced last quarter, leaves me to believe they are close to release. Or should I go ahead with my other purchases. Laz
  4. Do you ship to the USA? Do you take PayPal? Lazduc
  5. End of year...Mac was to be out by now. How about a community mgr. check into this?
  6. lazduc


    So...almost end of the year and there was supposed to be information on this....course like most proposed announcements, the sound of silence. I have heard news that several flight developers' have ported over to the console environment. Since newer gamming computers that are required to run flight sims, are unavailable. At least software ported to consoles are capable to run that and no need to worry about finding current equipment to run sims.
  7. Any information on MAC ?
  8. I almost remember a post that stated MAC would see the light of day by the last quarter, this year which is coming in 2 weeks. Any news on this ? Laz
  9. Greyeagle787, Just a couple of additional hints. Ordering will take a significant amount of time from some vendors. The Alienware G-11 can be upgraded with ssd's instead of hdd's. Also these machines run hot so you might, as I have done, add more cooling. Look up on ytube, cooling Alienware g-11. My delivery took about 3 weeks. Vipril components usually take about 2-3 weeks if in stock...longer if back ordered, however Virpil are extremely well engineered. ( With a motion sim base and the VR, be sure you wont get motion sickness.) With the warthog and the G-2 you should be in good shape. You will probably want to upgrade to Virpil in the future. The learning curve on most programs in DCS being study sims, is quite challenging and will take up a lot of time. But being a pilot and already quite knowledgeable you should do very well. You did not indicate what type aircraft you flew. Military, commercial or private, fixed wing or rotary? You will have a ball and of course there are other sims with different subject matter. laz
  10. If you have the funds, I would recommend the following: Computer Alienware R-11 loaded..64gb, 2tbM2, 2tb nvme, RTX 3090, I9 10900kf, will come with 1kw power supply and other top items, bluetooth-wi-fi. As mentioned, All Virpil hardware, HP Reverb G2 VR headset, motion platform and since you intend VR any monitor will do but I would get a premium monitor, "Pixio". DOF Reality Motion simulators about 3k$ with shipping. It would be easy to spend over 10k for all of the equipment. I purchased less expensive gear and enjoyed it.....but replaced most with more premium equipment. I have the Thrustmaster warthog and only used it to upgrade the firmware so it hopefully not brick. Never used it . I have all the mentioned gear with an array of others. I might also mention that DCS will cost about 1k$ if purchasing most of the titles, I do not have all but my total is around 1200.00. There is not any overkill...just what you are willing to spend. Super top equipment can far exceed what I have listed. You did not mention your budget for this. laz
  11. E-shop selling these terrains indicates both should be good with 16gb ram. It also states for heavy missions you should have 32gb. This of course also depends on your graphics settings....more eye candy, more memory. Lower graphics should insure 16gb for either. laz
  12. With new releases from other sim developers and since most are not study level configurations, I would think ED missed that opportunity. So with that I believe that this project, MAC, has been put way way back on the development plans. I really like Flaming Cliffs as I have the time to use it. Not so much the study sims. If ED would model more planes and types and ED's best guesses on flight fm would be fine. I would think if several new developers would just do MAC type planes and even maps there should be sufficient funds to be made. I realize Mac types cannot be mixed with the more fully molded types. imo....;Laz
  13. What is the latest information on MAC? With the release of 2.7 and the futher repairs needed and the work on the F-16 and F-18 taking up most of the programming development/bug time, just wondering if the MAC idea has been forgotten as there is no one left to work on it. I for one am really looking forward to this addition. So much so I have mostly focused on other sims. Laz
  14. Ok, 2.7 beta has arrived. Huge update. How is it working for you? When is the next update ( addressing new glitches found in 2.7)? Does 2.7 operate without any major glitches? Thanks, Laz
  15. I received my new R-11 Alienware. I9 10900KF, 64GB 3400 DDR4 HYPER X, 2TB SSD, 2TB HDD soon to be changed to SSD, RTX3090 24GB 6X, 1kW power supply, Killer wi-fi w/bluetooth 5.1 and liquid cooling. I could not have built this same configuration for the price I paid. I will mod this with 2 more fans another SSD. I also have a R8 w/ I9 9900K, 32gb, 1TB SSD, 2TB hdd to be changed to sdd, RTX 2080TI w/11GB, wi-fi and bluetooth, 850w power. Its also new. water cooled I also have a semi new I7 4790K, RTX 1070, 16gb, 26gb ssd, 1TB HDD, 750w power water cooled. The programs I want to install on these various computers are, DCS, MSFS, IL2 and a F-! racing game. So I will wait until 2.7 arrives before loading. Question, which computer to install which games? I would kinda like to save the R-11 for up coming programs. I have available a new 50in sony monitor, a new 32in curve Pixio I want to use with the F1 setup and 2 32in Viewsonics. I also have a 3- 21in monitor setup for an older version of DCS/ LOCKON flight sim setup. I will put together a VR setup. I have 3 new other 32in Viewsonics I had purchased for another setup that I have not finished. They are for a 6dof motion system. That system will be run on a small super computer...VME coupled with an Amiga 4000 and a IBM UNIX system. In my garage I have a number of IBM clones from yesteryear with lots of flight sims for those times with lots of cool video cards. 8088,80286,80386,80486, Pentiums etc. I have a full compliment of Virpil gear along with a helicopter cyclic and collective. I have a large collection of computers. Laz
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