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  1. Tittle says it all "UK: ITV 4 Fighter Pilot: Afghanistan". Supposedly there's going to be some in cockpit footage too.:) Starts at 22:00 BST.
  2. Che

    Painting Question?

    Thank you that's exactly what I was looking for :)
  3. Hello, I want to paint a Mig29 and what I'd like to know is how some people are able to paint these aircraft with out a template. When I try to add a pattern in Photoshop the panel lines and rivets etc just get painted over but when I look at the Mig29 textures you can download I can see that the painter used the default Texture and they were able to maintain the panel lines, weathering, rivets etc. How is that possible? Is it simply just paint over the area and then reduce the opacity?? Thanks.
  4. Calm down you were the one that, arrogantly, said don't quite your day job and then went on to say he was flat out wrong when all the original poster was trying to do was give his perspective of the situation based on his scientific background. So who's the know it all? And I hate to break it to you but a degree in applied physics is worth 5 pre-med courses. Pre-med is like high school in some countries, eg a student in the UK taking "pre-med" A-levels (three or four science subjects), so it really isn't a trump card in this silly game of my credentials are higher than yours so I'm right nonsense.
  5. Hello, How do I install your mods? I'm using modman but do I still have to adjust the graphics.cfg manualy or will modman do all of that for me for the Coastline Mod, Tree Shader Mod and Structures Visibility Mod? Also with your coastline mod I noticed that there is an .exe file as well, do I have to run that seperatley? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Is this the latest version of Madman? And does it come with all the files it needs to work? I saw another package that said something like .dll files for Modman. Thank you.
  7. I have to laugh at that website. I can't believe Right Wingers still use the word commie lol. Typical though from internet political websites, they seem to state the obvious and present it as if the author has some kind of great insight into the situation. Everyone knows that the US military can't be beat and that's all there is to it. They spend more on their military than the next 20 countries in the list put together so if they want to invade your country they can and will and there's nothing you or anyone can do about it.. Hell they don't even need a legal reason, so saying the Su30's were bought to defend Venezuela against the US is just plain stupid. The reason Venezuela baught Su30's instead of US jets is because of the breakdown in their relationship which puts in question the whole "keeping'em flying" idea. With the Russian deal they will at least have the ability to resupply with out loosing the A2A capabilty they had with their F16s and even though that capibiltie is very, very limited it at least keeps them in the game in terms of "it's harder to start an AF from Scrath than build on what you already have". It also makes me laugh when people from one country celebrate the fact that invasion is part of their countries foreign policy.. For me personally this thread starts and ends with the idea that Venezuela purchased some cool jets and as someone that is intersted in Fighters I can appreicaite the Su30 with out the politics.
  8. I had another look at this and it seems that each .skins file is for a .lom file but why so many 3d models of different parts of the Su25T? Is this for the markings or maybe damage modeling?? :dunno:
  9. .skins files are just text pointing to the correct .bmp file. Oh maybe I misunderstood you, ok the bmp files they refer too are just normal left. right skins etc.
  10. Here's the thing that I find confusing. The .bmp files listed in in the SU-25T.skins file are the same ones listed in the other .skins files. When I added a skin by just using the SU-25T.skins file it showed up with out me having to adjust the other .skins files. So I am not exactly sure what the other skins files are for. Maybe for the country markings?
  11. Hi, :) I was installing a Su25T skin and I was just wondering what the other .skins files are for? I know what the SU-25T.skins file does but what are the rest of them for (SU-25T-FONAR.skins, SU-25T-NOSE.skins, SU-25T-TAIL.skins, SU-25T-WING-L.skins, SU-25T-WING-R.skins)? Also are the markings for the Su25T held in the skin or they added by the sim like say the Su27? Thank you. :thumbup:
  12. Woooooooohhhhhhooooooooooo Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss IT worked :thumbup: :lol: I was using Photoshop, ".bmp.bmp" was my problem. I had to convert the files to 24 bit as Deadman instructed and I can now see the new skin in the selection window muhaha.:D Thank you both sooo much, you are very patient people. I am sorry I cant PM you a beer but I hope rep points will do ;) Once again thanks a million. :thumbup:
  13. Thank you. .. but how do I change a .dds file into a .bmp file?
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