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  1. That's about it, you explained it quite well and with respect. I could add that it is just as frustrating when you use the mission editor and is forced to bug hunt the scenario for days, sometimes weeks, simply because most things just don't work like they should. It completely kills the immersion that one could have had if the mission had been put together and worked out of the box on first try. Every scenario would be something new even for the scenario creator.
  2. How about a hyperconverged computing? Has anybody thought of offloading AI calculations over the network into another node? If you think about it, AI calculations are not affect and can tolerate a slight increase in delay. This means one could use a dedicated server connected to a 10gb network, to calculate all the AI in the session.
  3. Where that fear came from, any source?
  4. You should apply for a dev position within DCS then. You're gonna have plenty of unfinished projects to amuse you.
  5. Or just operate out of a normal airfield, like everybody else.
  6. Thank you for sharing your results.
  7. Papyrus exists today in iRacing through Dave Kaemmer. https://www.iracing.com/papyrus/
  8. If only the cockpit wouldnt become completetly unreadable in DCS, low res could be at least a temporary solution to the lack of VR performance. Unrealistic cockpit fonts and writtings, tho readable in low res, is a no brainer trade off I that would accept.
  9. It even comes with a Hill Billy, awesome!
  10. SLURM+Ceph with Stata, OxMetrics, Matlab.
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