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  1. I flew the mission yesterday. ED, please fix the way you design escort missions, the escort missions ive tried in your campaigns (Su-25(T) and Ka-50, have the same fundamental flaw. NO CONTROL OVER THE ESCORTEE. You should be able to make them stop/hold so you can proceed forward to scout out ahead. Ive been deployed to Iraq as a MECHINF and done several escort assignments, and i can assure you that escort is King, escort rules the game, escort call ALL the shots. Unless its arrogant and know-it-all politicians and civilians, they dont listen to anyone but themselfes. Since the UK helicopter escort i had the pleasure of being escorted by in Iraq, made so big a impression on me, i have researched the subject for 14 years now, asking real life militarypilots and read many books about the subject including my very own personal experience. In a mission like this the Mi-8 wont NEVER approach the site before escort have checked it out; Mi-8 would hold at ingress (NOT in a hover), preferably behind natural cover or in the valley to suppress the noise, then one escort would move toward the site and scout ahead, when, and ONLY when, escort clears, the Mi-8 should move ahead. Preferably one escort would have eyes on advancing escort at all times. I ran the mission in Tacview and the enemy near the vehicles are just popping in out of nowhere when the Mi-8 is close, no approach through the woods, no realistic movement at all. And if you stay in the area for long enough, Igla´s pop in, no movement through the woods or any realistic movement, they just pop in. The Mi-8 also have plenty of time to chatter but refuses to say when they departs the area, highly unrealistic. My Mi-8 got hit 26 times (According to Tacview) if i remember correct within seconds because the enemy is scripted to spawn in out of nowhere, and from the enemy spawn in till the Mi-8 is hit, you cant react (Spot the enemy, line up, aim, fire), unless you just sit there in a hover, which you dont (Static targets are deadtargets). When the Mi-8 gets hit it just departs the area, no info at all. So demanding that the Mi-8 should not be hit is a mission design flaw since according to post 3, its random, and you cant prepare for randomness. My Mi-8 chose to depart without letting me know and only by luck did i spot it, then followed her home while she was shaking badly, when she was inside landingpad area i get a mission failed. I just wasted my time... So to summarize: 1: In every escort mission, no matter the module, let us have control of the escorted. When making missions, ask someone who have done this in real life, that know their stuff. 2: Improve your COMM´s; information is key, silence is useless. 3: Dont pop in units, make them move through the woods or come in in vehicles, dont be lazy, be good. 4: Get some real life experinced eyes on your missions so they seem realistic and professional. Thank you. Brian.
  2. Wow, fourteen years later and im the fist one to reply! Sorry that i cant be of any help
  3. Realistic as in real life, as the actual FOV a real pilot would have when sitting in the seat in a normal position. My monitor is a 28" and my eyedistance to the monitor is approx. 80cm.
  4. Hello all. Which zoom level/FOV is the most realistic/authentic, is it the default one when you load into the cockpit or is it the one when you press "Enter". Thank you. Brian.
  5. Here you are. Log file attached. My PC specs are: I7 7700K (Not overclocked) RX5700XT GPU (Not overclocked) 32GB RAM Win 10 64 dcs.log
  6. It is the "Blades of steel" mission, a user made one. Is the spelling error on the mission creator side?
  7. As title says, when i switch to gunner seat using key "2", the game freezes including my trackir. I can only press escape, no other key works. Track attached. bug 1.trk
  8. Thank you for the headsup, i just ordered one together with another book and some other stuff. Theres nothing like sitting in the sofa with a hardback book and a cup of coffee next to a stove.
  9. Yes Hampton is a person that i would never have a beer with. I actually didn finish the book due to his personality and attitudes. He is not able to comment here (Well at least i dont think so), so i wont comment that further. Arh yes, the "Magnum" book i forgot, thank you for mentioning it. I dont have "The hunter killers" book, i will take a look at it, thank you. And yes, those who are in the thick of it, clearly differentiate between SEAD and DEAD, too many dont know the difference and frankly dont care, those person i dont listen too. Many put DEAD as part of/under SEAD category, its not, there is night and day in difference. (H)ARM´s as i understand it, is nothing more than a SEAD weapon, its a threat that you can use actively, if the enemy have EMCON or turned off completely or jammed beyond effective useability, the SEAD mission have been succesfull, SEAD does not require a physical kinetic attack to be succesfull, hence the "S" as in "Suppression", while DEAD requires the physical destruction of the target. The perfect strike would be to SEAD platforms and weapons being used to force the enemy to EMCON or turn off their radars completely so DEAD can be implemented relatively safely.
  10. Agree that HARM´s arent a kill-guarantee. Too many, including some ED personel, believes that just because a radar goes silent when the HARM counter reaches it equals a kill. That is not correct, actual warfare have proven that many times and giving many Generals and intelligence some explaining to do. Perhaps it equals a kill in game world, but in the real world, which this simulator should reflect, it does not. And as you said, CBU´s are very good at giving that "more-than-likely" "guarantee". If you are interested in the subject of SEAD/DEAD/Wild Weaseling from persons who actually know their stuff, i recommend the following readings: Missileers against the stealth ISBN 9781775395362 Air Defence Artillery in Combat - 1972 to the present ISBN 1526762048 NATO´s air war for Kosovo ISBN 9780833030504 Viper Pilot - Memoir of air combat - ISBN 9780062130358 Vipers in the storm - ISBN 9780071346702
  11. That is recoil myths/mistakes/mechanics 1on1, lack of knowledge on their subject i guess. But hey, as long as they are good at coding. Fun fact: According to the book "Gator on the Rise" by Mr. Alexander Mladenov ISBN: 978-1-911096-45-0, page 19: "... But it also had a major shortcoming related to it´s very powerful recoil force, reaching 6.5 tonnes" They also mention that it was "...able to score accurate hits at targets at 4,000m distance"
  12. I must say that your work is amazing and we are many that appreciate it very much!
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