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  1. Hi all, this is the problem: a few of unit (in the same ship group) are not visible in the external view of the mission (images 2 and 4 attached), but only the red dot label is visible. I can see them in the mission editor and in the F10 map (images 1 and 3 attached). Same problem for the 2 ships static objects (but without the red dot in this case). File mission attached. Any ideas? May be relative to the depth of the sea or a bug? Thanks a lot Brontolo Submarines mooring.miz
  2. Thanks to your help no further errors! That's like I solved my problem
  3. Tested at a few airbases in Caucaso: it works very well, thank you very much! Just a little add for my problem, a trigger (switched condition): Condition: FLAG IS TRUE (18) -- ID of the request airbase/FARP in this case Sochi-Adler Action: DO SCRIPT local sochidamage = trigger.misc.getUserFlag("18") local msg = string.format("Runway damaged at %i %s", sochidamage*10, "%") trigger.action.outText(msg, 10,true) FLAG OFF (18)
  4. Hi Bruce, thanks, I did it, I've find the file but I'm a beginner, I don't know which flag (27, 29, 31, 28) becomes true if the runway is damaged (I would use it to give a message like "Good hit!") Thanks a lot again Brontolo
  5. Hi bruce, good work, very helpful! I've a question: which is the flag that becomes true when the runway is damaged? Is it in the file "teste2"? Tks
  6. brontolo

    Benvenuti !

    visto che sono un pò in ritardo recupero con un unico post Ziosam, Wilf e Goose: benvenuti!
  7. Ciao Mago! Ho scoperto che con la tastiera di default (inglese) il tasto < corrisponde al \
  8. Salve a tutti, avrei bisogno di una spiegazione sul software TARGET. Vorrei assegnare al pulsante MIC verso l'alto (inutilizzato sull'A-10C) il tasto "<" che uso su TeamSpeak, quindi, dopo aver capito che bisogna impostare la tastiera tedesca per fargli riconoscere quel tasto, ho preparato un profilo SOLO con questa impostazione (avevo già impostato i comandi per il TrackIR dal proprio software e lo zoom dal pannello controls di DCS). Il risultato è che se lancio questo profilo funziona il tasto "<" ma nessun altro comando HOTAS. Forse l'esecuzione del mio profilo esclude quello "di serie" del Warthog? Devo preparare un profilo con tutti i comandi "di serie" ed aggiungere il mio tasto TS o esiste un profilo "di base" dal quale partire? Grazie per l'aiuto Brontolo
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    Imposta un tanker che lo rifornisca!
  10. Take a look here: https://www.lockon.ru/en/downloads/documentation/tc-1_map/ Is it what you were searching?
  11. Hi Ranger. I'm fliing this amazing campaign, but in mission 6 I found something wrong. Tried more times and waited more than an hour after Delta reactivation (in time accelerated mode). DCS Version: I'm doing something wrong? How can I unlock this situation, please? Brontolo EDIT: only seen now that it is already posted. I'm sorry for the repetition.
  12. Ricambio gli auguri. Che il 2018 non sia l'anno giusto???
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    Benvenuti !

    Benvenuto Giorgio, vorrei parlare lo spagnolo come tu parli l'italiano!
  14. If you need the A-10C list, it's here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/84654/
  15. Snow Tiger, thank you for your reply, but I need the instructions regarding the (new) conditions / actions not included in that (old) manual. In other words an update of that manual, edited in 2013. Brontolo
  16. No answer... Could please ED update the user manual? Tks
  17. Hi all, where can I find the manual / instructions regarding the new trigger conditions / actions? Tks Brontolo
  18. Type: "1 ONCE" or "3 SWITCHED CONDITION" Conditions: "UNIT ALIVE (Pilot...)" Actions: "MESSAGE TO GROUP ..."
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