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  1. Nice although it's in early stages
  2. Same here - i am using winwing combat panel and alignement rotary and it doesn't move wiper rotary in game...If i map it to something else it works fine...This is rotary on winwing panel: null
  3. No sadly for now, only f-18 is synced with dcs
  4. Is it possible two have separate commands for toggle On, toggle Off ?
  5. I just noticed since the last 2.8 patch that my Lalt+C - works in a way that i have to press it once to get clikcable cockpit ON, and then when i wan't to switch it off by pressing LALT+C it doesn't get recognized...I have to alt tab once to get it working again..The same thing happens in revese order, when clickable cockpit is toggled in state ON, i have to alt+tab to get it off
  6. Ok, problem is no vehicles, - just added humwee with antenas, and some heavy us army truck and now it works...Consider this solved
  7. I just updated my first post - when i change to other rype of farp comms work...
  8. Changed coalition of farp to blue...same thing, no response
  9. When i am taking off from farp, i have right frequency selected, and in comms menu i see two LONDON entries...When i try to ask for takeoff clearence, or landing clearence i got no response...Am i doing something wrong? When i switch ground object from invisible FARP to one helipad, or null The second picture is with wooden helipad, comms work fine - there is answer from ATC.. Coalition is set, comms are set...see pic2 null
  10. Hi...check this one out - much better wingman...https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ru/files/3320007/
  11. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you @Hollywood_315 @hornblower793 @MAXsenna
  12. Just stumbled upon this video (link1) Is this only on mirage (see pic2) ?
  13. Thanks thats the problem i dont have take off panel...But i can use my AXAIR MIAP dial rotary to control flood light rotary in F18 module, and that is changing light intensity on my COMBAT ready panel...But for other modules this doesnt work because there is no sync function working between f18 module and winwing hardware.. After reading through lot of posts i cant find a way for some other way to control lightning on winwing panel (except on/off manual opion through sim app software)
  14. Does somebody know if you can control panel lighting - independetly of the module you fly in DCS? For example is there a way to control lights on combat ready panel while flying other module than f-18, and using another dial button from another controller...For example using this https://www.laptime.nl/shop/index.php?id_product=8&controller=product&id_lang=1 ?
  15. After i found about this little masterpiece , i am able now to obliterate 20+ vehicles on one mission...Ordering escort apache and also my wingman who now attacks properly...Don't know how, but like this mod made my wingman smarter (i am not talking about escort pilot)
  16. Mine arrived yesterday...so far so good..i like it...
  17. It's better for me...Before, always left rudder spam was applied at take off - i had to move pedals few time left/right to get it to center...Now when slowing down from 50 -30 knots, i dont need to apply so much left rudder...also on takeoff, it's not needed to apply so much left rudder
  18. What are those green thingies when pressing symbology depress switch?
  19. Can please somebody with TM warthog stick, who uses TARGET SCRIPT for profiles check thios one out -> when flying DCS, after entering map F10 and adding mark point - end enter DO_RP text in markpoint, does your TM Warthog disconnects and shuitdowns TARGET SCRIPT application?
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