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  1. Yes - i am using profiles for every plane i fly..because i like scripting options i can use with TARGET software. I just tried it again, it kinda works, but it's messing with my other mods (it presses TX send command for VOICE ATTACK program, and shut down my apu during startup and so on)..For now i am disableing it.
  2. I tried it ...I see DCS-HID icon inside DCS, but i tried ah-64 and f-18 and chaning light panel knob settings doesnt sync the light on my warthog throttle...Do i need to do something else?
  3. Still have same issue after latest patch...i sent my logs, anz update?
  4. Ok i just found that if i have rockets of only one type, game hangs...If i load smoke/mpp rockets, left long changes rocket type.... Scratchpad.log DiCE.log DSMC_old.log dcs.log DSMC.log debrief.log
  5. Yep - incoming fire 2'clock call should really make apache more survivable...
  6. yes---i am pilot and lef logn should change mode hellfire sal/RF or rockets HE/ILL/MPP/SMK Will there be a log if game doesn't crash but only hangs...?
  7. I just tried wpns range mission in caucaus map, and the sdame thing - game hangs after pressing long left
  8. Today i noticed in mission syria wpn range, that pressing long left on George AI helper it hangs my game...Anybody can confirm it?
  9. I am using two screen setup...Second screen for exporting mfds is xiaomi pad5 with spacedesk app...SOmetimes while playing my tablet gets diconnected and i am left with this screen setup..:HOw can i reset screen without restarting DCS?
  10. Ok - basically that view is made from F1 cockpit view, not F4 view?
  11. In recent Top Gun Maverick tribute video i saw this screenshot... How can i set my camera like that? In which view is that picture taken and how?
  12. Yes, Maxsenna hope all is going to be a ok...Your efforts are reason i visit and chek this topic every other day...
  13. I found out how to get rid of ghosting effect on tads... Just switch this knob to nv Sent from my M2003J15SC using Tapatalk
  14. If i remember correctly there was option before to launch DCS multiplayer directly through dedicated icon..Is there a way to do it in latest open beta?
  15. Can i start mission in pilot position and switch to gunner?
  16. If i play a mission on dedicated server, after i spawn inside PLT position in my AH-64D is there a way i can switch to guner position during flight? Can i enable switching seats?
  17. Ohhhh guys please help...after latest update i dont see exported mfd screens on my tablet..Is there a procedure to enable it back after updateing DCS?
  18. Ok...i managed to move KU screen up, so i can see characters on my tablet...Only thing now missing is pilot eufd..I dont see it anywhere on screen
  19. Bunnyclark...I just installed your profile...One problem i have now is that i dont see frequencies exported to my tablet, and characters from keyboard unit are only visible top row of pixels...check my pic...When i open your profile and use reset monitors, your profile has 4 screens and i have only 2 screens left main 1920x1080, right exported second 1920x1080... Maybe that is problem, and maybe i dont have the right monitor.lua file...It doesnt exist when i use your profile, can you please share yours monitor.lua? Or point me how to get radio comms exported and how to move characters from keyboard unit up ?
  20. After lates update to DCS AH-64 i see green lines in control display indicator...What are they for?
  21. Please include me when youll have a guide for this...
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