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  1. Hi...hope everything is well with you.. You helped me once and shared your helios dcs f16 big mfd+ded profile once..:Do you still use Helios? As of latest open beta dcs patches i am getting lots of errors using helios...Do you still use it maybe and do you have any sort of fix for viewport errors (that me and other users are experiencing) upon launching HELIOS...

    1. Droning_On


      Hi,  funny you should message this.  I actualy was trying to get it to work myself.  The imbeded instruments work ok for me but the MFD's and the screen setup seems to have changed/broken since the last Beta.

      I beleive is somthing to do with the overall screen resolution and the Lua files that note the location of the MFD's DED, RWR etc.

      TBH I thought it was just me and I gave up hoping we would get an Helios update but I'll have a play about and see if I can work out whats happening on the Lua files.

  2. Can you please share fixed H-4 takedown mission so i can try it?

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