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  1. Oi hold al ya horses, why would ya wanna pay like 20$for a mig21 sim when you can find the god damm real thing for less then 25£:P
  2. strange , the other thing that happened to me as well the same time i had this i was in normal flight just enroute to one of way points cruzing at about 500 an at about 2000m my engines just suddenly died off to about 15% for about 30 seconds an then they came back to life :S?
  3. arr i had this a while ago, i hope it aint a bug . iam not sure it is a "bug", i think its just the flight systems getting a bit "wazzed" so to speak, just reset your nav mode if it happens a again "switch to ground attack mode then back through to your anitial mode an it should sort its self out, if not give it a kick :D
  4. i got the same problem, leave it alone an the game will eventually load up can take up to 5 mins in the c*******y starfloppy thingy box. please please please please god in hell an heaven please please dont use starforce for blacksharskie please please oooooooooh pritty please with a double cherry on top, ill be ya bestest friend :D
  5. i think he means the extra 25t skins an FPS mod its up in mods up there in mods ^^^^^^^^^^
  6. i ventured into ubi before xmas, there was good 20 30 people in there, it would be good idea if we could send scouts in an kiddnappum so to speak :D
  7. they probably didnt notice it because they where focusing on a multitude of other things, hell iam no wizard with codes an what is invovled with making a sim as complicated as Lockon. i say good work so far on the FC ED team a big S! to ya
  8. "WHOOOOOOOOOPAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS" bloody great stuff Yet again SALUTE! bro
  9. i use too use the evo a good while back with lock on an i never had this issue it really does sound you mapped one of your keys to alttiude hold.if your sure check your joystick settings in game, check your curve is set right. the only other thing i can think of is a reinstall of lockon an saitex's software goodluck bro S!
  10. yeah it works bro :P i installed it with loman, just select the 33 in mission editor pm me with your addy ill send it to you
  11. think ive got a mod for the 33 model an the 14, but i think it where only for 1.02 never tried it with 1.11 let me know if you want to give it ago, i must confess iam ANOTHER big fan of your movies a tribute pussy cat film would be something special S!
  12. theres no need to change any settings, if you can already join other hosts. ar you or friend on dial up or dsl? dial up could be the problem, other then that i cant see why you shouldnt beable to host for 2. select a place in closed mission add you rnumber of players 2 save info,click the little blue button then open your mission from your mission files once lockon has loaded, easy as that once youve selected your coalition an your plane fly time:), should be a suss. if ya still struggling just ask one of the guys or galls :S in hyper lobby they should tell ya how. hope this helps ya out bro S!
  13. wheres the english version gone to, i wanna check this film out, ar they gunna release a english version??? anyone know?
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