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  1. The way your 'fancy' team are playing it, it seems we have payed for a Demo.
  2. So it could still be a year until it's released, and you meant we should be patient and live with the F-86 like it's now?
  3. I was reading in here, maybe I misunderstood about the Hormuz map, or it has been edited. Now it says 99% ready. I don't seem to be able to find it now, but I read earlier it was still work on AI road mapping, and collision models on buildings and trees. http://www.mudspike.com/qa-with-matt-wagner-producer-eagle-dynamics/
  4. Just to do a comparison between the 30mm on A-10 and 6x 50cal on a F-86, you see big difference. Kind of a coincidense but the propellants in those two cartridges has 153g in 30mm, and 15.3g in 12.7 or 50 cal. 30mm x 173mm vs 12.7 x 99mm. up to 4200rpm on A-10 gun, so I use 4200 in this example 50cal are about 1200 rpm. 4200rpm x 153g = 642,6 Kg/m 6 x 1200 = 7200rpm 7200rpm x 15.3g = 110,16 Kg/m Seems fair if the propellants produce about the same amount of smoke pr Kg, the A-10 would produce 6 times more smoke, or ~35 times over 1 single 50 cal.
  5. I think Belsimtek needs to hire a new window cleaner, thats not using dirty water, and get some soap into it, for gods sake! I just remembered after online play today, how we used to pay kids in Las Palmas, to NOT clean the window, when we drived into the City. On holiday many years ago. Edit; Just to make it clear, the server I was in used Labels, so it wasn't too bad, but I guess this also explains why I was alone playing there, only F-86 vs MiG-15's in this mission. And you start thinking how smart the guy doing this is, maybe he read the A-10 smoke is awesome? And think it's still 'awesome' with 50 cals?
  6. It probably went into your spam folder, if it auto delete after 30 days, it's not there now.
  7. Problem is if you start a Playlist screen will 'Alt Tab' or go minimized anyway.
  8. Could be a minor Bug, not sure. But the Canopy handle looks open when canopy is closed, and closed when canopy is open. Maybe a inverted animation, or it could be it's just supposed to look like this.
  9. I know my examples maybe was a bit extreme, but it's nice to have such an option , on every plane. We could always play it smoother, while running in to attack, with this one :smartass:
  10. It's too easy to loose situation awareness, if you should Alt Tab every time to change music. But I understand it's not that important, if you only like to have elevator music in background. I think it could be more fun with a option like separate music channels, like just before attacking target, I turn channel 3 on to have this one; Or maybe I'm just crazy :)
  11. Would be better if it was made with a folder for each channel, so we could make our own radio channels with different music, or different moods. Like one channel for RTB from a successful mission Or/and a channel with something like 'Jaws 3 music' flying towards a target.:gun_smilie:
  12. Ah ok, was probably just the timing then, when i tried to reproduce this, using Fast Erect on gyro. :)
  13. I think this happens when you reset gyro, while having Heading, Altitude enabled, or maybe it was Heading, Pitch enabled.
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