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  1. My deepest condolences to his family and everyone that knew or worked with him in person.
  2. Hello - I didn't forgot you! I'm working right now -(the last days -and also the next days) on it : Will send you all from Monday on your sending confirmations.
  3. GGTharos, Thanks for your competed answers once again! Even I wasn't involved in this topic - ...and I have also a guess what's can causing this failure of the B.Shark. I sometimes rely that you "step in" and answer! Thanks allot for helping others!! :thumbup:
  4. or get two projectors or -one of these screens:http://www.seamlessdisplay.com/products_radius320.htm :music_whistling: - they nothing more as three screens - but as simple it looks - you have to do it first. (Btw - done it myself with two LCD-Screens. I just had to grind both panels- but brake 3 to get tow finished.)
  5. No - It will stay always in the middle of the screen that Windows (XP/VISTA/7) reports as primary. - AFAIK Edit:= AsFarAsIKnow
  6. :D Petition to rename a "readme.doc" into "you really have to readme.doc" To make a start: I also hardly read a "readme", but it sometimes prevent you from time-consuming self caused misshapes/trouble When I have problems and before I request for help I RTFM ! :music_whistling: (OK- you got me - ...not every time...:D) Question: would this change if Developers would rename the "readme.doc" into "you really have to readme.doc" ?! You opinion and alternative ideas please!
  7. Hi, and Again: Wich issue of vista should be fixed by ED?
  8. Fully agree with Der Moloch! If you plan to stay with DCS you should look out for cheap components to upgrade your running system. A GPU like a 8800gt is fully sufficient with the present engine of BS - look out for a better dual core CPU (Simulations are almost CPU limited)- if BS will runs fine you will be running also the next modules (A10/AH-64) fine on it. (in this video is the rendering done by a single 8800gt 1gig/ram in 3840x2100 and a Core 2 Duo 6750@3.6GHz CPU! -and I have 30+ frames in urban areas- beside the monitors...-it's a ridiculous low-system-specification to get this done!) Wait than until the new engine of DCS will see the light of day. and upgrade than to a whole new system!
  9. What can you spend? Today you would able to spend easily between 700$ and 4000$ . And every system in this range can satisfy you together with BS. But the lower range systems/components will limit you in terms of flexibility and compatibility with upcoming hardware/standards.
  10. Hannibal, I can understand partly your frustration when plans don't work well. But please don't mix up everything: Reuprecht's question/drawing is talking abut Fullscreen and XP. So your point is kinda pointless - you can only take advantage of a TH2GO unit when you run it in fullscreen mode. Rendering BS across four or more monitors in windowed mode is possible without a TH2GO in every windows version. You only need a (cheap) second video card to do this. -but you will loose much performance when not using fullscreen!
  11. To all: After rethinking all things over again - I made a decision: - Every order that is accepted and paid up to now (5th February 2009) will be Shipped! (Don't worry -you will get what you have paid for!) - I will stop taking any further orders - and every quotation I gave out up to now will be also cancelled. This will not change until I found a way to produce my stuff without interfering my private life/other things I'm doing as it does right now. I will place a announcement on my site http://www.leftside-limited.com/ within the next hours.
  12. Tiggr! What do you expect ??? Read this : (You must been not seeing this/reading at the note you got from Paypal). You have contacted Am.-Ex. and Paypal - I was simply forced to send you you money back!! (That's kinda ridiculous!!-I'm apologizing myself that I send you your money back - because you requested it at Paypal!) What do you think will happen the next days... huh ? - Don't know... I can tell you - Money on the Paypal account will be frozen and other trouble with my RL bank account is at the horizon...all caused by your notifications. -But you didn't stopped the things you have Started at Paypal and American Express!!! A quote from a E-Mail of Tiggr: Please call me right now! -you got all my contact details! And to be honest : Two more of you and I will really stop the things I'm doing! And if you prefer to talk further with me right here instead of calling me - OK - let's do this- I would be more than pleased to get no more e-mails from You in my incoming folder with a subjects like:"A premonition of things to come .. for you" Edit: But keep in mind that things are starting to get much more expensive than only 120€ right now!-your behaviour/actions standing in a total disproportion to what I have done to you!! - and please correct me if I'm wrong! And please understand also that I'm posting this here instead of writing you a pm - I see right now no other way to react on your last post.
  13. urze

    MSFFB2 + X52

    :thumbup: That's the spirit!! May the force be with you!!!
  14. @ruprecht, look here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=631796#post631796 This explanation and preview at this site should help you much to see what's the outcome if you modify the Lua file:http://www.leftside-limited.com/misc.html
  15. That only a pretext that you can find in some Microfoft forums - the main thing is because of DRM! (This is no offence to you!) Or do you really think that this helps people (research facilities/Graphic-artists/people that run two projectors/...whatever) ??!! They simply could put this feautre back alive in VISTA/Windows7 until everyone has programs that can use the ability to do it native without the span mode. And let the people dicide by them self to life with a popup like: "Do you really want to do close this window?" between both screens. And BTW - there are some programs that can tell windows to show such a prompt only at a specific area!
  16. urze

    MSFFB2 + X52

    I have now a wide range of (FFB-)Sticks that I can put appart to show you what you can do with them. - but before I get to the point that I can show you my outcome and also post Tutorials: some time wile pass (Talking about several weeks/months). A possible outcome:http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=33320 But every one should go ahead and try to do the same!!! Its really easier as it seems at the first look! And you can get a MSFFB1 plus a old Thrustmaster Topgun (to use as grip for instance) for under 30$ dollars at ebay!- if you look carefully. If some one will start to do it: please drop me a note and I could help you out and track your thread! Or even (If the time allows it) join you over Skype and answer questions- sometimes much easier as writing here in the board for me.
  17. Nice Visual!!! But(Hope you understand how I write this:) ) , I'm really getting tiered to repeat this on-and on again: XP is only able to span two screens showing the same resolution at one time!!! So unless you can not persuade your far right monitor to run also 3840x768 you cant do this! You need a second TH2G and 2 more monitors - like I'm doing it (- and with using multiple GFX's much more: Yup!- That's right now 13 single monitors/projectors at one system:music_whistling:)
  18. With issue of vista should be fixed by ED? - sorry, but I didn't get what you mean. Here are some facts about the engine of BS:
  19. It's a much easier configuration (similar to "plug and play"). - and you don't end screwing up your display ! I know also about setting a custom res - but it's sometimes very tricky and you could even damage you Ctr-Monitor! That's why I didn't post/write about setting this up without a monitor lengthening.
  20. To make things clearer : The engine of BS is only able to draw the game contend at one Monitor in fullscreen! >>The monitor that appears as primary in you display options!<< SoftTH and TH2Go help you only to spread the Images across more screens that windows (XP/Vista/Windos7) wouldn't bring together as one normally! When you use not SoftTH or TH2GO you need vert./horiz. span (only possible in XP) to bring tow screens together - dualhead is useless in fullscreen mode! Side note for all with screens of different native resolution: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=631416#post631416
  21. urze

    MSFFB2 + X52

    Or Check this driver to get the paddles working again: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=37819
  22. Don't worry about the Details, Focha! I have a "direct link". Yoda and Obi-Wan are taking with me every time !...:smilewink: :P Edit: ...Oh wait! They answered me again (!!! i pixx my pants! )- and they said something like: that the cockpit is very elementary and similar to a one of a Russian attack helicopter ....
  23. Oh - my bad! Go to page 7 of the thread - and you will read FFB isn't supported in a steady way but beside this the stick will work. http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/board/message?board.id=Vista&thread.id=13336&view=by_date_ascending&page=7 -I use hardly Vista up to now.
  24. For all that have a game port controller and want still use it with Vista32: Here is Daniel Kawakami's tutorial and driver: http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/board/message?board.id=Vista&message.id=13336&view=by_date_ascending&page=1 (scroll to the bottom to download the driver) So get a cheap soundcard with a midi/gameport and a old,but working MSFFB1- please report! I haven't done it up to now.
  25. Ok! I will tell you a secret: (whisper) Put a 5m cable lengthening between the monitor you want to upscale and your Graphic card.:music_whistling: You will be very surprised what will happen in your display properties! And this are not "new" news - I posted It already years ago in this forum and in several threads.- really don't know why nobody noticed it also...
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