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  1. It looks like none of the autopilot options are working for me in the hornet. In the attached track neither the bhold or hhold worked. The indicator for both of them was on so they should have been operational but there was no response. Is this a known bug? no_autopilot.trk
  2. I did, its empty. Its in the Hornet. I also found out today that while the controls editor sees my trim switches the aircraft isn't responding to me at all.
  3. I know there are a bunch of reports about not being able to get launched off of a super carrier but my problem seems a little different. I can either start on the cat or from parking and the crew will respond up to the point where the shooter is giving me the run up signal on the cat. However when I salute the shooter never responds, just keeps giving me the run up signal. I have tried the following: - Various combinations of U and LShift+U - Checked F2 view for the following - No chocks are showing - Verified control surfaces work - Verified connected to shuttle - Cycled the launch bar - Cycled idle->AB - Cycled flaps - Cycled refueling probe - Cycled LG handle - Ejected Unfortunately nothing works. This started occurring after the clouds update. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Hornet aircraft and used DCS Updater utility to do a repair. Any help is appreciated. cant_launch_from_cat.trk
  4. I loaded up a super carrier mission last night, taxied to cat 3, pulled up slowly, and ended up getting frustrated that the cat operators didn't acknowledge me no matter how I approached or how far from them I was. I tested across all cats and the same thing happened. On one of the attempts I noticed that my wingman also didn't follow me out of her parking spot either. It seemed as if the engine wasn't tracking my position and triggering events based on it. When I came on this morning I saw a bug about the AI aircraft not taxiing when on land. This seems to be the same issue. The aircraft aren't getting command, or at least aren't executing them, when the player's movement would normally trigger it. I haven't tried it but I am wondering if this would also apply to refueling where the pre-contact condition has to be met by the player's position in relation to the tanker for them to get auth'ed.
  5. Will this work for the templates at https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/texture_templates/fa-18c_template/. I'm trying to figure out how to go from those files to the diffs referenced in the file you gave me. Any guidance?
  6. I would like to make a new skin for my Bug and would like to use the templates DCS provides because of how they use layers. However I can't find a description.lua that works with it. All of the default skins are arranged completely different and aren't working. Thanks, Tank
  7. I have all of those set. Here are a few pics of the mission (with tacan/ils settings), one with tacan selected and bearing info in hsi with t/r selected, and one with the ils system. I'm not getting range to the tacan even though I am in a perfect position to pick it up. I'm not seeing anything change when I select ils.
  8. I'm just starting to work on using the tacan in the Hornet and am not seeing what all of the videos and tutorials say I should. I setup my carrier in the mission editor, deleted the tacan activate action, then added tacan on 74X and ICLS as 2. I then started the flight, clicked the tacan button on the ufc, pressed on until it says ON, and pressed clear, 74, enter. I did the same with the ILS system. After this I see the bearing and station id, but there is no distance and the time to go stays at 0. Also the station symbol doesn't show up since it has no distance data to it. I toggled the ILS in the HSI and there were no changes to any displays. Any thoughts? Is anyone else seeing this?
  9. Hello all, Sorry if this isn't the right forum but I couldn't find a decent place. I'm wondering if there is any way to allow someone to use a VR headset when watching a track and have that person control the camera? The camera position is recorded along with the flight events, and I can't tell if its possible to turn off. This way I can let a friend who doesn't have any experience a flight with weapons delivery and all.
  10. Hello all, I cannot get tacview to export flights. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling tacview a few times without any success. I have even followed the directions for the older version by manually editing files in saved games without success. It's definitely registered in game as it shows the tacview icon and shows version 1.7. Any ideas on where to look?
  11. Hello all, I've got a friend that would like to see what it is like to do a bombing run using VR. I can run the mission and get a track recording, but when playing back the view is locked to what I was looking at at the time. This is very unsettling in VR. Is there any way to turn the head lock off so my friend can look around as she wants? Thanks
  12. Yea, I use a TM Warthog and sit on the base. However, I have a shameful bit of info I didn't think of until about a half hour after I posted this... I may be able to set a deadzone so those slight toe presses get ignored. I am so ashamed :). I haven't tried it but I would think it would work.
  13. I have the Saitek rudder pedals and find that I can't keep the Hog lined up on the runway during either take off or landing. It's been killing me. I couldn't figure it out. Then it dawned on me, due to the shape of the pedals and the height of my chair my toes are lightly applying the brakes (damnit man!). I tried the different angles but they didn't help. I was looking at the TM pedals but don't feel like dropping $90 just to have the same problem. I was hoping to get some feedback on 1) how to fix the Saiteks, or 2) if the TM pedals are better. I use a desk chair which is completely in the up position so I can fit a buttkicker on the post. That leaves my legs at quite a steep angle and my feet in just the right position for an instructor to go "Oh hell no, get out of the seat now". Thanks in advance. Tank
  14. Hello all, I have the new Razer Blade, which has 2 graphics cards: integrate low performance card and a 1060 card. I have both DCS 1.5 and 2.0 installed. I need to use the NVIDIA control panel to assign the programs to the 1060 explicitly. Here is my problem... When I import dcs.exe from either path it shows up as DCS: Black Shark. Ok, that is expected. However when I import the other it also shows up as DCS: Black Shark. NVIDIA is only showing a single DCS: Black Shark as available to configure. I can add the updaters, but doubt the exes they launch inherit the video settings. Does the NVIDIApanel use the exe name to determine what settings to use, which should cover both versions since they are dcs.exe, or does it also use the path, only giving me the option of setting up one at a time? I am hoping it's the first, since the 2nd means I have to change the NVIDIA settings each time I switch versions. I've asked in the NVIDIA help forums but have had no replies yet. The 2nd would make the most sense since having \foo\bar.exe and \foobar\bar.exe isn't out of the realm of possibilities. But it doesn't seem to be working for me. Does anyone know how to set this up correctly? Thanks, Tank
  15. Hello all, I've been trying to find a list of the data exported/imported using Socket.lua (specifically the ordinals to use when requesting/updating values). I would like to get all of them if possible, but my immediate need is to see if I can read the text in the comms window to figure out what F keys different radio targets are bound to. Does anyone know where to get these ordinals? I found a few by chance and they work great, but although they may come in handy later, they aren't what I am looking for now. Thanks a lot, Tank
  16. I'm getting the invalid radio error also. I traced it through the system and found that the variables aren't being shared across commands, so setting Transmit_UHF = True in one command and checking it in another (eg. Two) will always fail, and that is the failure that gives the invalid radio error. I created 2 more commands in the profile to see if it was my install or a Vaicom issue. The variables I used were correctly shared across commands. I just reinstalled the version found here. I also have the version of VA from Steam if that makes a difference. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks *Edit: The problem is a race condition between releasing the mic key and the last command being processed due to the asynchronous processing. I reduced the chances of this occurring and eliminated the need to hold the mic key pressed until the command finishes by adding the following commands: Mic keys up: Add a 2 second sleep after the Stop Listening command (1 second may be fine, but may also be intermittently flakey) Mic keys down: Kill Commands: Transmit AUTO/UHF/VHF1/VHF2 released With these additions the global variables won't be cleared for 2 seconds after mic switch up unless another down comes in. If a down comes in all up commands are stopped to prevent clearing of the variables after being initialized in the key down commands. This doesn't totally fix the race condition as there is no easy way to stop all commands other than the one making the stop call (it can be done, but is a royal pain as each command has to be added individually and doesn't scale well). This means if you issue a command, and then quickly issue another command, the internal state can't be guaranteed as other commands may still be processing pieces of your sentence and you may get unwanted commands triggered. For me it isn't a big deal as I don't make quick "two sit", "two lay down", "two play dead" commands within 2 seconds. For me this is a bit more natural as I don't need to hold down the mic key until the dings. That was the part that got me before. I know its in the manual but I completely forgot in my excitement to get it working. This also requires less thinking during combat when having to make urgent calls like break high. In the end it's a personal preference. The manual does say to hold the mic down until the beeps, but there isn't any mention of the effects of doing so and the "invalid radio" error isn't too helpful. I figured I would add this bit for anyone who finds it helpful.
  17. Hopefully the devs will add the option back in (hint hint devs) now that there is a legitimate reason to install a 32 bit set of bits on a 64 bit system. I'm sure they will, they have offered great support up to this point. :pilotfly:
  18. Hello all, I have had the 64 bit version installed since beta. I recently purchased a 3D setup and thought this would be awesome for this simulator. Unfortunately because of the way they generate 3D data they require a 32 bit version to be installed. Now I know its supposed to be able to install both the 32 and 64 bit versions, but it seems that it uses the version based on the OS type. I can't find a way to override this. I remember in beta days both versions were installed and we got 4 launch icons, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I noticed this on the first two Devils Cross missions (haven't verified it in any others). The Net originally indicates 0/0. Before I take off I make sure that they are set to 1/1. However, within 2 minutes of taking off it changes to 2/1. I have to manually switch it back to 1/1. I think this may be the cause of so many people claiming not to get the JTAC data even though they set 1/1. If they set it before take off it will quickly get changed and becomes invalid. If set at the CP it seems to stay correct. FYI: Just before contacting JTAC double check your Net configuration. It may have changed on you without you knowing!
  20. Thank you everyone for your responses. I am an old U.S. Army M-1 Abrams tanker and yes every combat vehicle has tight tolerances for how, when, and why we fire a round. Its these SOPs I am curious about. For example: 1) When attacking an armored target using the gun you want a high angle to reduce the dispersion and increase the kinetic energy released on impact. What is considered a "high angle"? 30 degrees, 45 degrees? And what about minimum altitude and release airspeed? 2) When attacking a soft target or infantry using the gun a lower attack angle can be used. The dispersion of the rounds is a bonus here as it is harder to target the smaller individuals, and soft targets don't need the extra energy. To relate this to what we are doing, in the first mission of Devils Cross the cloud ceiling is very low, we get a 9-line to go destroy some tanks that are surrounded by a bunch of AAA and MANPADS. What is the best way to attack them? Fly too high and you are eiher right in the envelope for anti-air or flying blind (in and above the clouds). Fly too low and you have to get close to deliver anything other than a Maverick, which puts you in the envelope for damn near everything (I swear I saw a simulated tank commander flip me off as I flew over, on fire and out of control :doh:). What is the best way to approach this situation? Pop up attack? Set SPI from a distance, climb above the clouds to a medium altitude and and use CCRP to drop bombs? What is it? Its these questions I would like to be able to answer, and I am sure there are official SOPs for any situation. The biggest goal would be to recognize a bad situation, know the SOPs cold, and figure out a way to turn a bad situation into a good one. That does take thorough knowledge of SOPs, capabilities, and lots and lots of practice (which we are all able to get, W00T DCS). If anyone wants to know what goes on inside of a tank I can tell you that. I have been on the wrong end of both F-16s and A-10s (in training of course) and I can tell you what we mostly say at these times is "Oh crap, we are dead". I did see the depression tables but that isn't exactly what I was looking for. That gives the depression angle in mils for different ordinance, and it is great when needed, but I am hoping for a much larger picture here. I do have an associate who flew A-10s and another that flew F-14s and F-18s that I can talk to. I was hoping not to have to however as its a lot of info to explain and they are busy guys. Again thank you very much for all of your comments. If I find anything I will post it as well as it seems that there are some others interested as well.
  21. Are there any manuals specific to the A-10 employing A-G weapons (i.e. different attack profiles, pitch angles, altitude, airspeeds, etc)? I have found some user-made items for employing A-G in Falcon4, as well as an overall general discussion by an ex-Phantom driver, but nothing that takes into account the special needs of a Warthog. For example I found an instructional manual for a T-45C, but the airspeeds (and I am guessing all cues) are not appropriate for an A-10. For a 30 degree dive the release airspeed is 450kts. The A-10s Vne is 450kts at sea level, so that doesn't work, and I expect lowering the airspeed will affect everything else. I apologize up front if this is an oft-requested topic. I looked through the manuals but didn't see the "Look here dumb-a$$" comment I was hoping for. Thanks
  22. So the question about easily modding the Warthog stick to offset by 15 degrees seems to be easy to answer. Not squeemish about opening the stick? Then check this solution out: http://www.hotas.gr/content/view/90/96/lang,el/
  23. I use a real kneeboard which I prefer. There is something about really flipping through the pages that helps for immersion. I would also like to have the pilot just for the "looking down" view. I use a TrackIr and the sense of immersion is broken when I look down and don't have any legs. It becomes an "Oh yea!" moment which I don't like. The hands would be great, and probably not a big deal programming wise. The caveat for that comment is "as long as the throttles aren't split". That probably throws a monkey wrench into the whole idea.
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