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  1. We have the Shaking effect to a minor amount although its mostly an effect of the camera mounting. as for the bubbles it would be a nice effect to have a basic arg based fluid animation.

    A "basic arg-based fluid animation"? That sent me to Google! In reading from some of the hits I got, and most of it flew over my head, I wonder if it would be a gpu hit? Maybe since we're only talking about a small area (the compass) it won't be such a hit? Anyway, thanks for the reply.

    Flyby out

  2. Hi guys,

    I came across this video yesterday. It's an in-cockpit flight presentation of the Warthog. I can only provide the link as I don't know how to otherwise post a video. I think it's rather routine until it makes gun runs. I never knew the compass fizzed over with bubbles when the cannon fired (@ 2: 57). Also, the plane vibrates noticeably. Are these effects modeled in the sim?

    quick edit I think I figured out the posting of a video.

    Flyby out

    The link:

  3. JMI, I gave it a try


    You are onto something. I did as you asked, and the Su-25 quick mission failed to load with the internet connection. I restarted the PC, disconnected the internet cable, then tried the Su quick mission again, and it successfully launched. Now for the magic bullet?

    thank you,

    Flyby out

  4. Thanks for posting that information. When I “fresh start”ed my PC a couple of weeks ago I had some issues that appeared to be traces of settings, drivers and services that had somehow made it into the new install. Since the reset, is everything else working as it should?


    My suspicion is that we may wind up having to remove all traces of DCS from your system and reinstall again from scratch but I’ll need to find a guide to how to do that properly.


    Before we try that, could you please try the following:


    1) Start DCS as normal, select “Instant Action” as usual, select the Su-25T as the aircraft and see if the game behaves differently.


    2) Restart your PC. After entering Windows, disconnect your PC from your internet connection (remove the Ethernet cable and/or turn off your wifi) and then start the game. Once again, go to “Instant Action”, select the Su-25T and see what happens.


    Hi JMI

    I will try your suggestions. Last night I deleted DCS, and scoured the registry to remove all traced of DCS, and Eagle Dynamics. I then d/l'd 2.5 beta. No change for the good when I fired it up. Also maybe important, when I had to use the Task manager to "end task" I saw that the memory usage showed approximately 900mb. I've seen this figure every time I've had to end DCS. It's like the memory is just hanging there (?).

    I'll report back.

    Flyby out

  5. I'm sorry to see no one offered any help when you posted in the "Game Crashes" forum. FTR your DCS.log will be in C:\Users\<Username>\Saved Games\DCS\Logs.


    I really don't know this side of things but I'll try to help rather than leaving you with silence.

    My questions so far:


    Since resetting:

    1. How stable is your internet connection?

    2. When you enter DCS, can you tell if you are logged in?

    3. Has DCS requested activation keys for all of your modules?


    hello JMI,

    1- yes, very stable internet 55dl/11ul low pings on most servers I fly.

    2- I think I am, as my name and PW are populated, but I notice I alway have to click the "remember me" box as it does not seem to "remember" (me).

    3- No. When I click the module manager, doing so freezes the sim.

    4- selecting a mission then a plane then fly freezes the sim.

    5- None of my modules I purchased show up (but isn't that what the module manager is suppose to show me once it opens?)

    I suppose I should go insane and uninstall DCS 2.5 beta, then reinstall DCS and expect a different result?:( Maybe this time I'll scour the registry in case there are bits left in the machine.


    JMI, I appreciate you chiming in. I'm all ears, and open to try anything.

    many thanks,

    Flyby out

  6. freeze/frozen


    Well Win10 dicked me again. Before I had to reset my PC I had 2.5 running. After resetting, all sims work except DCS 2.5 beta. It starts OK, and I can select settings, but I click the module manager and it freezes. If I try to select the TF51 for a free flight, it freeze with the interminable hour glass. In either case I have to ctl-alt-dlt to select task manager and close DCS. I uninstalled everything then downloaded 2.5 beta and this is where I'm at now, nothing works.

    What should I have done differently to help a new install find it's legs? seach the registry for entries? I can try that. I think I ran the DCS repair, which was successful, but the game still froze as mentioned

    thank you,

    Flyby out

  7. Interestingly After the 2.5 update flying in the Normandy map was just fine. But another problem (Windows update) where I had to reset my PC, and now 2.5 freezes when I select a free flight mission or any other mission for that matter. It freezes during loading. I've tried what the support site says, and still call no joy. Where is the dsc.log located, please? I can't seem to locate it

    thank you,

    Flyby out

    PS I downloaded the 2.5 beta to another drive, and still the same freeze after selecting a quick mission

  8. Thanks db for the reply. I'd been a bit hesitant to go with the extra ram, as my reference point is years old wherein extra vram was not utilized and only resulted in slower performance. But these days with 64-bit architecture (is that right?) I'm hopeful a more modern card will carry me for the next few years. I mainly do combat flight sims, so I think it's getting to be time where modern sims can stress cards of two generations ago.


  9. Replacing a GTX 770 2gb. Running Normandy on a 2560 x 1440 monitor. It's a very good card, but it's now 4 years old. I'm thinking a 1080(Ti?) with 11gb of vram. One day I'll go VR when it's ready (imo) for our combat flight sims so I'd like a little future-proofing. I think the 1080 Ti with 11 gb will be sufficient, but will DCS take advantage of that much Vram? Will I need that much for VR?

    thank you,

    Flyby out

  10. LOL Flyby! How could you forget? You're OK, young, everything?


    hint d13th ;)

    d13th?! Zaelu? Izzatchoo (is that you?) Fond memories of the 13th trying to bring me along as an online combat pilot. I sucked! But you guys were very helpful, and got me hooked on full-real settings. Is there still such a thing as the d13th online these days? catch me up. Ever "hear" from Novolume, or any of the guys (whose names escape now)?

    thank you for chiming in. it's been a long time.

    Flyby out

    PS I now fly with the Air Combat Group (ACG) in Cliffs of Dover. It has a running campaign of the Battle of Britain with historically based missions: http://www.aircombatgroup.co.uk/


    PS-PS who are you calling young!:D

  11. For some reason the throttle does not work in the Dora. I have a Cougar, and it works in the jets, the Mustang and the Kurfurst. It also works in the Dora in free flight, and in takeoff. I disengage the throttle lock, but no joy. I checked my throttle function in the axis setup and it responds normally. Only yhe Dora, and only during engine start does the throttle not work. Am I missing something?

    thank you,

    Flyby out

  12. well now, stoopid me!


    After a long session of downloading, (350kb\s) I installed 1.5 beta, then let it begin to install my modules, but part way in, I canceled the install because I did not want the KA50 installed. I wanted to start over but uncheck the Shark. When I fired the beta up again, there was no option to transfer modules, and I only saw the TF51 and Su25 listed! So I uninstalled the beta, then reinstalled it, thinking that would reset the option. It did not. So now I have a ticket to support in hopes of an answer, but I'll also try what's been suggested here. Whi says you can't fix stoopid?

    Flyby out

  13. I screwed up during the importing of my modules from my DCS World folder. i saw the whole list of my purchases to be installed, and as the beta began installing the KA50 (first) I decided I did not want that aircraft imported in the beta modules so I cancelled the importation, thinking I could start over and simply uncheck the Black Shark before letting the other modules install. BAD DECISION!! When I fired the beta up again, I had no option to transfer my modules, and only saw the TF51 and the Frogfoot as aircraft modules, and no option to import anything else.So I thought I could uninstall, then reinstall the beta. I did, only to find that I was again not offered the option of importing my modules. So here I am, asking for help.

    HELP!!!!! How can I import my modules now?

    Flyby out

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