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  1. i have had that as well since release. i enabled the option to sync controls and now i no longer have that problem. just make sure your collective is down before hitting start.
  2. I just yesterday upgraded my graphics card from a 2070 to a 3080ti. Rest of system is i7-10700k @ 5.0 (all cores), 32 gig ram @ 3200,dcs on samsung ssd,corsair 850 watt ps. On the caucasus instant action start on runway..im getting high 70's to low 80's frame rate. In other missions with other modules im well in the 100's. Is it just the ah64 thats graphics intense? I thought id be seeing way higher frames with this card. With the 2070 i was getting in the 50's or are my expectations of a 1100.00 graphics card too high. What concerns me also is that i wanna dabble in vr. i have an occulus quest 2. If i cant get a steady 90 frames in non vr..i wont be able to maintain 45 in vr correct?
  3. You have to flip up all the squelch toggles above the volume knob
  4. im guessing not. im sure a mod will move it sooner or later.
  5. Same here. As soon as DCS starts it disappears. Quit DCS and its back. I read a post from awhile ago that said 2.7 broke this...that its there but rendering behind DCS. Not sure if this is true or not. Obviously VFGiPJP has it working.
  6. @Super Grover I tried posting this in general area but got no responses. If i go directly into direct head tracking everything is great. Can control crosshairs with precision. If i tell jester to qwp first ,then go into direct head track to refine position...crosshair becomes uncontrollable. I`ve attached two small tracks. One is immediate direct head control and the other is after telling jester to qwp. Hopefully you can figure out what my problem is. head_norm.trk head_wonky.trk
  7. So i have this problem. Not sure if this is intended behavior or not. If i directly go to direct head tracking in the menu..everything is fine. I can slew the cursor with my head nice and slow with good control. If i use the menu to to go to qwp mode...then into direct head tracking..the cursor will shoot of wildly as soon as i move my head.Usually always down and to the right no matter which way i move my head. Can we not fine tune the lantirn with our heads after jester puts it on a waypoint?
  8. when you first open powershell just type in cmd. not cmd command. i probably worded that wrong
  9. I think you have to run it thru a command prompt...not thru power shell. while in powershell do a cmd command then the dcs_updater repair
  10. You'll notice that after you release the first loadout..the second loadout's laser code is set to 1111 instead of the default 1688.
  11. i remapped left to sidewinder and made push tdc depress..only because i have an x55 throttle and have no room for tdc depress on the throttle
  12. Not too sure but maybe your not going fast enough? Your under 300 when you release.
  13. Thank you Eduardo. i was afraid you stopped making missions.
  14. Great job!! :thumbup: Cant wait for the other tutorials. Wish all these pre-access modules would come with tutorials of this detail.
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