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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, I think I'll go with the Vive 2.
  2. Thanks! So is the headset enough, or do I need more?
  3. What's the verdict? I have a top end PC and graphics card but no clue when it comes to headsets. This is DCS exclusive so basically sitting only. Thanks
  4. They should all have heat blur, my wifes hair dryer has heat blur. So should the A-10.
  5. Thats the old Flanker?? Time to reinstall, I had no idea since I didn't get to far into it. Cheers
  6. The 2d pit works exactly as you say, thats why its 2d. The 3d on the other hand works as it should however like, you pointed out is extremely dated, the original falcon 4.0 with its many mods allows for one thats quite better. But you're sol with AF. Cheers
  7. The Wright Flyer was second to none also, good thing it was improved upon or you never would have seen the F-14. :)
  8. I've responded to your E-mail and sent the screen shot, I also tried a reinstall, just in case, still no go. I hope its something simple on my end, cuz its pretty hard to screw up a simple cut and paste.:)
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