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  1. It may not be your mod but something has certainly changed. In 1.2.5 and previous versions the view would spin freely 360 degrees. now looking left or right the camera shifts slightly in the direction of movement and locks looking back over the shoulder with much more of the engine visible. Sorry for the NVG pic just jumped into a quick mission and it was dark :)
  2. Call me crazy but I think the mod has been integrated into 1.2.6 I never installed it but first flight with 1.2.6 sure seems to have a proper neck now in the a10c.
  3. X2, I did try opening and re-saving the mission but no luck, JTAC training is FUBAR. :cry:
  4. Any chance you will update? The pack is quite broken in 1.2.6 :( JTAC training for example the JTAC units no longer have names, they are all shown as APC M1025 HMMWV... in the atc menu. It is impossible to tell which unit you are contacting.
  5. Had my wingman crash into me from behind on short final. Game said I killed him and score was reset to 0.
  6. I can confirm what Habu23 reported. Seems the laste is working fine but wind in the sim is completely out of line compared to what is being set in the ME. Only way to get accurate computations seems to be "sampling" the wind in sim using the laste page on the takeoff roll and climb out, then entering the results rather than trusting the numbers from the mission editor or briefings.
  7. Joined today and was promptly team killed on the ground twice. Server has devolved quickly.
  8. X2, asymmetrical loads will pull you off center on takeoff for sure. With no weather and only a TGP loaded the hog has a strong pull to the right on takeoff roll. Also need a couple clicks of trim or a bit of left stick to keep the wings level when you rotate.
  9. Been trying to get friends into DCS via the SU-25T so nice to see the 6dof updates!
  10. I believe by default the TM warthog's "trim" hat will be assigned to view panning. You will need to change it to trim or setup a modifier so it can be used for both functions.
  11. Thanks! That worked, I used the logitech set point software to make application specific bindings for DCS.
  12. Explain a macro please? My knowledge of setting up the controls means using the control options menu.
  13. In the game mapper there is no option to assign that command to any mouse button, it can only be assigned to the keyboard or joystick. I would prefer mouse button 3 to be the toggle instead of alt + c so I dont need two devices to enable and use the free look.
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