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  1. further info started a new dcs lib campaign and now every thing works as normal
  2. nope i just tested started from cold and dark on carrier with my wing man and a enemy mig29 60 away, started aircraft turned on d/l picked up my wing man and mig no issues, than restarted mission in the air no issues picked up wing man and mig on sa. Only dcs liberation its not working since the last update but i might know what the issue could be but have to check it next time i fly the dcs lib, is that now i enter the data link data to the carrier which could be causing the issuses in the dcs liberation. will let you the outcome when i dont enter the data link4 data in
  3. Thx for the reply nope, i just went and set up a quick mission, myself and my wing man and a enemy mig 29 no awacs at all. No issues at all all aircraft were picked up on my sa page.
  4. yes i do everything the same when iam flying but only have this issue using dcs liberation, yes plenty of friendlies i say around 15 of them
  5. Wondering flying in dcs liberation campaign I'am not getting any targets at all in my sa page, although in other missions if i make them myself i have no issues. So was wondering is this a dcs liberation bug in the mission itself
  6. yep try using your radar or sa page to locate the tanker
  7. Wondering on what iam doing wrong tried using atflir and the lightning pod with same results. is that when i target the bridge on the centre the target diamond moves fwd when i get closer it doesn't stay on centre point ( same when i used waypoint target as well). Tried using tanks, building with no issues just these bridges. Only way i find that works is to target the bridge on the ground before the bridge itself which seems to work. Is this the way to do it is to place the target before the bridge it self?
  8. looking fwd to seeing the movie on the 26th, been waiting for ages to come out
  9. Finally it going be released here in Oz on the 26th of this month.
  10. The only way you guys are going to solve it is to submit a track file
  11. confused on this part 32x and 96x
  12. guess he is saying when he did mission 13 it was night time and now its day time in mission 13 after the latest update
  13. this type of answers and tips should be pinned at the top in a seperate thread would make it alot easier for users to find tips etc and saves looking thru the tread for answers
  14. no issues here, havnt got duplicated commands by any chance
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