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  1. Installation folder of course, there should be "CoreMods" and "Mods" folders. And be sure you don't use "YOUR_AIRCRAFT_NAME" names as in the example. And you changed all the folders in SDEF files too
  2. Yes, it is definitely a bug. It seems the sounds attached not to the gun. We'll fix that. Thank you for your report!
  3. You can easily change the weapon sound for your mod. Please check the Solution.zip That's how you can do it. The folder "CoreMods" for the "External" sounds and sdef's. The folder "Mods" - for the "Internal". Rename "YOUR_AIRCRAFT_NAME" folders to your aircraft name. Change "YOUR_AIRCRAFT_NAME" in the sdef's too. Solution.zip
  4. I think this is a great idea! Thanks There are some mods, that you can use to do it. For example this one https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3302814/ But yes, it will be better to do it as default mission editor feature. I reported it as the request for a new feature
  5. Yes, there is, not quite obvious but it works You can find the list of George's audio files here: \LockOnExe\Mods\aircraft\AH-64D\Cockpit\Scripts\AI\PrestonAI_sound.lua To add your own, place your sounds with the names from the list to c:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS\Sounds folder Check my example in which I replaced George "Slow down" file. You need to extract Sounds.zip to your c:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS\ folder
  6. You will definitely hear the sound of an explosion inside the cockpit with the engines completely turned off. Both in life and in DCS. But on a running engine with ECS and spinning rotors, most likely not. Especially if we are talking about Apache, it is really a very noisy helicopter.
  7. We have sonic speed - we have sonic boom. Evrth is ok here
  8. no, sorry. I saw launched rockets that flew to the target.
  9. Spitfire starting/take off at Manston 118.45 canal A( trying all, B C D nope), in the air, calling tower no replies ?? i've tried P-51, Mosquito all voice call  & tower reply fine, weird issue😪 in cockpit i hear "my" request but no "voice" reply text onscreen only ?

    i did a repair (full & slow one) without success, maybe something corrupted somewhere ?

  10. I've checked your track, and didn't find any log errors in it Maybe someone else can find smth. If you don't mind I will share the track Ship SAM Problems.trk
  11. It doesn't look like a short track )))) Yea, any option you like, drive, cloud, no matter
  12. As for the Error Sound, can you please share the short track with me with this error?
  13. In my DCS version I can hear it loud and clear. Plz confirm that in your version it is the same as on the video F16_AB.mp4 And anyway, here is the sound mod Sounds.zip for these audio files. Unzip ip to your DCS folder: c:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Saved Games\DCS There are 2 text files with the last line in it: "gain = 1.5" - it is a default gain for these sounds. You can change it to any value you want, for example "gain = 10", save the files and reload your DCS
  14. Yes, now I can confirm the bug in open beta. REPORTED. Thanks for your report. And please wait for the fixes
  15. I checked in my working (trunk) DCS version and evrth is fine there. I will ask our testers to check the OB version too. Thanks
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