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  1. Great video ! Was it made using FC2 ? rgds
  2. Hello all, I remember enjoying so much looking at Ironhand tutorials. Is he still active within FC(2) ? regards
  3. If this is the case, what should I do to solve it ? Thank you
  4. Hi ! Still doesn't work. :helpsmilie: regards
  5. Hi all, When I press on the keyboard touch "Print Scrn) I then dont find where does FC2 saves the screenshot ? Under screenshot folder I have nothing.... ? Thanks for your help. regards
  6. For me a maddog shoot is when you lunch your 27ET or AIM-120 without any lock. The floode more you have a lock. Then its a question of having a visual on the lock identify Friend/Foe Thus for me, this is not a so called maddog shoot. regards
  7. But in that mode if AIM-120 is selected, it will automatically be the missile seeker that will aquiere and give you the lunch authorization, correct ? Its not the F15 radar in that case as opposed to the AIM-7
  8. Hello, So if you fire an AIM-120 in that mode, it will be directly an fire & forget, correct ? thanks regards
  9. Hi all, In LO FC2 manual its written that the Flood mode is for using AIM-7 in close range using the missile seeker. Isn't it the AIM-120 which is used in Flood mode ? regards
  10. Maybe it has been to long since I havent played LO 1.12b I didn't fly 100 BVR fights yet within FC2 so maybe I will change my mind later. But up to now in FC2, a kill when the lunch autorisation is in the middle (50%) of the gauge was never made. In FC1.12b, I could do kills at about 70% within the lunch autorisation.
  11. Offline Just did a few BVRs fight with an SU27 vs F15 and the opposite. I was really surprised how easy it is to escape these missiles. Most of the shots are either at CAC when visual on the other aircraft. When at IR missile distance. I dont remember that was so easely possible with 1.12b even so I havent played for about 3 Years.... EDIT : a snake works really well...
  12. Sorry, I do not understand why ? I am serrious but could understand that I missed something ? regards
  13. Hi all, Seems to me that within FC2, the % kills of R27ER & AIM120C have been reduced compared to 1.12b. This is great, I love it. Can someone confirm that ? Its good that now lots of fight go to CAC or even in kind of dogfight when compared to 1.12b you could relatively easely solve the fight in BVR. regards :)
  14. Hi all, Not sure its the right place to post that but I wanted to fly online with FC2 on the 104 server. I wanted to also log on TeamSpeak which I just installed but here is a message I have everytime I lunch TS and I loose all settings. Is there something that I can do to not loose everythins ? Thank you for your help. regards http://yfrog.com/5ateamspeakissuej http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/4306/teamspeakissue.jpg
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