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  1. Hi, i'm working on exporting the F-14's TACAN and Datalink frequencies to my external screens, however the values are always one channel off. TACAN is 45, Helios shows 56 same goes for the Datalink, Freq is (3)12.0 but Helios shows 23.1 is there a way i can offset all these Values in Helios by -1? Thanks in Advance Maverick
  2. Ok so it seems like TARGET shows me some bull**** regarding my programming... MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSU, USB[0x22], USB[0x36]); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSD, USB[0x20], USB[0x2d]); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSR, USB[0x1F], USB[0x33]); MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSL, USB[0x21], USB[0x37]); TARGET, DCS and Windows 10 all have different understandings of what those keys mean... Target tells me something that is totally wrong (and doesn't even fit to any Keyboard layout) Windows 10 tells me the German Interpretation (which would be correct because it's german) DCS knows the Codes i put in Target and is the only one to interpret the values correctly like i entered them...
  3. the Script editor works just fine., so i guess i'll just switch to the scripting variant...even though it's more work, i luckily know enough about coding to get this done :thumbup:
  4. Hi, Is there a way to make Target use keys from the German Keyboard layout? My script is this: MapKey(&Joystick, H1U, R_CTL+USB[0x51]); Which is a down arrow. - I need the german "ö" "ö" is 0x51 in the defines.tmh for the ASCG Layout... i've tried 2x51 since ASCG is ID 2 but that does not work. is there any way to make Target use the German layout for this command? (or by default) greetings Mav
  5. Interesting, without any devices plugged in it starts, as soon as i plug any of the sticks in (Warthog, T16000) it won't start anymore...
  6. i had to, Windows 10 ate my C:\ Drive :D In another Thread it was suggested to copy d3d9.dll to the target folder, didn't work either.:cry:
  7. I just downloaded it from thrustmaster, it's 3016 615v2 should be the newest...
  8. Hi, since my Target GUI stopped working after upgrading to Win 10 i was wondering if there is a way to convert the files to the .tmc format for use in the Target Script editor. greetings Mav
  9. I'm Having the same problem... This didn't help: Is there any other fix by now?
  10. No i didn't. I wanted to know if it is possible to keep axis out of the combined device, so they will be available via the unprogrammed Joystick -> 1 Joystick Combined via Target using the buttons an Axis I want to programm -> x Joysticks without Target using only axis i can assign directly in DCS
  11. I don't need that many, i just wanted to know if it is possible :joystick: as of now i've disabled the mouse and one throttle lever on the Throttle, and the Rudder on the T16000 which gives me a total of 7. Enough for the Viggen. I don't want to exclude the T16000 because i use the big pinkie switch on the WH Stick as a mode Switch to toggle the Modes for the 12 Buttons on the Base of the T16000 (Nav Modes, Weapon select, Data Panel mode)
  12. I've already read that one, however i can't find any command to exclude the axis from the script....if i assign no Dx Axis, the Axis simply is not existant..
  13. Hi, i'm setting up my Warthog and T16000 for the Viggen. Warthog for flying, T16000 for the Radar Stick. However i have more Axis than Target lets me create (Dx Limitation i guess). I've read that it is possible to exclude an axis from the Thrustmaster Combined setup, leaving it to Windows as a seperate Device. However nobody say how :cry: Is this even possible? And if so, how? Also: Is there an overview of all scripting commands available in TARGET? Thanks Mav
  14. So there was an update and....same issue again:mad: will i have to reset all my settings every time there is an update?!
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