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  1. As title says, Even if it is going to cost near to the 4 digits :( It is becoming more and more important for some serius virtual flight.
  2. Poster gave nothing, but took from the comunity, , this is an advertising thread about his HID controller and some nice engraved parts. Wrong aproatch in my opinion. I may be wrong ( I wish ) but from all the pictures posted here and my 5 minute browse of his website..
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR S! Happy new year, i follow from 2004 (lock on). LOVE
  4. it is true, even for countries that have ''problems'' with neighbour countries..because badget is not enough, simple
  5. nice pics, first pic is clearly a radar up and working, but lunchers are ready to move, lanchers are never parked like that on a war situation. Tharos can dedact alot more than i do from this pic :)
  6. in any case , i dnt think that there is a country that can deploy so many layers of air defence on a single place (what dcs world simulates)... it is VERY expensive, (not for big military countries though RU USA .., but even there..)
  7. the point is how many of them do u have in the first place. (so you can moove them arround) i mean how many units
  8. Do those doctrinal writings say anything about the defence badged a country has to emplement those configuration? :D
  9. Works as intended. AWM (advanced walking model) of Chuck Norris is simulated and currently being tested. Still in beta though :cry:
  10. why 2 years and counting on delivering the english mi8 manual? pls dnt tell me you are working on it, cause people who work on smting like this can produse at list 2 tomes (big fat books) of useful information EVERY YEAR (copied from lets say a mi17 manual), but you dnt even bother to deliver... how long should we wait for it ? im a faithful customer but waiting for 2+ years for a document... becomes enconvinient, in a way.., in my way of thinking at list..
  11. English manual? we are closing nearly 2 years now on the''draft''...
  12. Whenever i dogfight I usually die as quick as a unicellular organism but who cares, i have fun :D
  13. You know that we never going to have a Vietnam or a Korean theater .. :D i dnt care about the era, i just want to drop dat fire bomb :joystick:
  14. f5 without the possibility to drop napalm = no korean excitement for me... :inv: but i'll fly it no matter what :pilotfly:
  15. edited or not, your order is ready, so let me serve you up sir :D :thumbup:
  16. :lol: Hilarious moments tonight :lol: I gave Chuck Norris a phonecall to come and help, but he refused. He told me he was very busy repairing blue helis :lol: :D :lol::lol::lol:
  17. hi bacon, pls read the manual, im sure u will understand what happened. ;)
  18. maverick was the only one who survived :D after this excellent blue offensive towards beslan :) OK many survivers( more than mav )... THAT WAS A GREAT OFFENSIVE S! I hope we bring this kind of motivation into the main event... GL for blue flag 5 S
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