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  1. The TouchBuddy site is back up. The default page still needs to be fixed, but the rest of the site works fine. So, skip the default page and go directly to the forums: http://www.touch-buddy.com/forums Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm sure Dodger will get it fixed as soon as he can. He's been very busy with business travel and other things. WBK
  2. Can you Manually install the 'FEB 0408 LOMAN 5 FPS TWEAK 20G4A1 MODMAN PACK'? I have several mods already installed and have personally customized my graphics.cfg and other files. The ReadMe for this mod doesnt' say how to manually edit each file. You either install over your current file or don't I guess. I was just wondering if there were any notes on exactly what to change in each file if I wanted to do it manually, line by line myself? Thanks...
  3. Where is the current thread where we can get updates on the progress and 'watch this' mod progress?
  4. Can't help on the Vista drivers. But I had a problem once with the calibration on the TM-868 working fine, until I loaded the game. The problem was the drivers didn't adjust the calibration when the game changed the desktop resolution, so the calibration in the game was off. The 'fix' was to set the windows desktop to the same res as the game when calibrating it. After calibration I think you can change it back to what you want. Then when the game changes the res, the touchscreen was calibrated ok. That may work if that's your problem. I did hear back from Dodger, and he is having difficult problems with the server, so has decided to go back to a US Host server soon. Not sure on a date, but maybe in a few days. Then you can post this there or search the site for your answer... WBK
  5. No problem... I emailed Dodger about 3 days ago, but have not heard back. I talked to him about 2 weeks ago, and he was in Thailand or somewhere like that, away from home on business, so maybe he's not back yet...
  6. I've been away for a few months. Whatever happened to this object/terrain mod that GrandSurf was doing? I read that it was going to be in BS, but that it was also going to be released for Lockon...
  7. Hi Axion, Sorry for the slow reply, but I haven't been here in a while. It's down due to technical problems and will be back up soon. Dodger, our webmaster moved the site to his home computers and had some technical problems, but got it running again. Then he went on a business trip and it went down while he was away and couldn't get it back up until he gets back. So it should be back up this week hopefully. I'll check in with him again to day. I've been gone for this past weekend and also have been out of the loop. WBK
  8. Try this 'List of Hide Objects' button on the bottom right of the Map Options screen. I think this shows you a list of all of the objects in the mission, and you can show/hide each one.
  9. Merry Christmas to All.... .....And to my Target Goodnight!
  10. I think Ruggbutt has a profile for the CH Pedals that uses gradual braking the more you press.
  11. In LockonFC, if you press Shift-J (I think) in the cockpit, you do get a shake/vibration in the cockpit. Maybe they will have something like this here...
  12. I think you can get part of it here: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=26589
  13. Hey DancinBear, How did you get a Reputation of 2 with only 1 post? Somebody must have really liked that post. Guess I'll add to it too.... WTH..
  14. I totally agree! If any 'game' needs a good manual, it is a simulation. :thumbup:
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