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  1. Good find. Unfortunately, it appears that the poly count is way too small for any real use in LO:FC.
  2. Guys, this mod is truly awesome. Even in beta, I'm floored at how much fun this Tomcat is to fly. I've been bagging traps for about the past hour. I really can't wait to see this mod when it's finished. Quick question: How can I have this mod installed along with the A-10 and Walmis' F-15C models also? Thanks!
  3. Its pretty good. I enjoy seeing the old birds in the air. However, I really do miss "Dogfights", the computer animation was great and it really allowed you to see how the fight unfolded. With "Showdown", the views of the fights are very limited, so you don't get the same effect and understanding of the battle.
  4. Insane. For a non combat flight sim, this is near perfect. I wonder how well it would do with a combat sim when 3D ground targets and craters are included.
  5. That looks insane when the aircraft are at altitude. I am curious how it looks in game when you are down low, and how trees and buildings would mesh with it. That first F-15 video could easily be mistaken for a real flight IMHO.
  6. Forgive me, I was thinking of the pictures on lockonfiles, which do misrepresent VF-103 as a D unit. No biggie though! The plane and the skins look insane. I'm stoked.
  7. If you like this genre of games, World in Conflict is the way to go. It looks beautiful, and the gameplay is sick..
  8. One thing though, VF-103 never flew the D model. Just a heads-up.
  9. Great job! This mod is becoming exceedingly more impressive.
  10. Meaning that you don't get the Su-33 cockpit with the new Tomcat? I'm not the most computer savvy guy on the planet, so how exactly does someone go about getting the Tomcat to work if they have the A-10 and F-15 models installed? :helpsmilie: Thanks guys!
  11. I have not yet downloaded it. Do the wings sweep properly, or stay in full extension?
  12. The Superbug doing what it does best...lol.... Nice screenshot!
  13. Do I need to uninstall CCC prior to installing ATI Tray tools? If so, how do I get rid of CCC and where do I get ATI tray? Thanks!
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