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  1. Right, it wont bind to my MFG Crosswinds though. The rudder binds but not the toe brakes.
  2. Is it possible to bind toe wheel brakes? I just picked it up with the sale and it doesn't pick up my rudder pedal toe brakes. Other modules work as normal.
  3. I did a windows check and it says I have a RAM issue.
  4. I tried the repair, no luck. I was able to use the F-15 but the F-16 still fails integrity. Which file do I look at in the DCS.log? Do I use notepad to look at it?
  5. The failure check says mod f-16 cockpit etc but I haven't installed any mods? I was getting it for the F-14A before but I could use the F-16. I flew the day before and it was fine. Nothing changed but I fail the check? I couldn't try any other planes though because the server was full. It sucks when people camp the spectator slot.
  6. It works well, very similar once tweaked. I had to lower the default values because it made everything blend together and got hot on my back. It is a beefy unit.
  7. Doh! The server allows labels. I didn't think about them because it is usually taboo.
  8. I haven't played in a while and accidentaly smoked a friendly. How do you quickly identify teammates in multiplayer when the plane set is the same for both sides? In the F-15 you get a big X and in the F14 Jester tells you. I didn't see any warning in the Viper.
  9. In case anyone finds this with the same issues, I put everything to 5 and it seems to work much better.
  10. I started out using the default settings but it seems my subwoofer portion of the seat is always running even when I have the engines off or in the lobby of Il2. It gets hot AF after an hour and burns my back. I've turned down the settings to help but any tips on settings? Does anyone else use one of these? What is your experience?
  11. The Ushake 6 pad works with DCS and Il2 on its own.
  12. If I use Nvidia surround for triple screens the taskbar is always on. I have tried the Google solutions but they didn't work. I figured people here would have more experience.
  13. I would appreciate a screenshot dump for 5760x1080 resolution. I fly in VR and don't have DCS on my triple set up. All I have found was one with the correct resolution but it had the telemetry bar at the bottom.
  14. There is an altenative. U-Shake6 from Sim Racing Studio. https://www.simracingstudio.com/product-page/srs-ushake6-includes-srs-license-for-bass-shaker
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