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  1. Thanks for all of your info in this thread! I have learned a lot. Any talk on the Russian forum from the developers about fixing the yaw SAS in the simulator and making it function like in the real helicopter?
  2. Yup! At my university in the US we have a lab that has students try on NVG/Thermal optics to see how stuff looks in them. Only US citizens can partake in the lab, no foreign students. I thought it was was but strange at first but now I understand
  3. It’s already happening. The school I instruct at has an all G1000 fleet. Without the GPS and magenta line they’d be lost. On a IFR flight I told the student I want to do the VOR approach raw data with no overlay, his response was “we can do that?”
  4. Do you guys have any plans on perhaps giving a detailed post on what exactly you guys can/can’t do with the EF? I think some transparency in regards to what you guys can model realistically and what, if anything, has to be “fudged” a bit for security would be nice. I remember reading some comments from a TrueGrit interview that they couldn’t comment much on some flight model stuff for security. Are you guys able to model the EF flight model/FBW fully and realistically or will there have to be some “fudging?” Very excited for the module!!
  5. I just created an identical mission on the Syria map, no CTD
  6. I created a Case 1 mission on the new Mariana's map and I get a DCS CTD every time I select LDG for the HUD mode. The instant I press it the sim crashes. I can fly my Case 1 mission that I've had created on the Persian Gulf just fine, not sure what this issue could possibly be. I have included the mission file. Anyone get aF14A Case 1.miznything like this?
  7. Awesome videos! I’ve enjoyed watching them. It seems like all of the manuals you can find online are in languages that I can’t read. So it’s been nice having you make videos to explain things. Please keep making more videos!
  8. Thank you VitMax! You did a great job explaining what the trim button is supposed to do! I’m sure this will clarify a lot of questions people, myself included, had about how exactly to use the trim button and what the AP is trying to do
  9. Yeah I get the pitch oscillations on my landings as well. I’m not if it’s the autopilot doing some stuff behind the scenes? I’ll have to test later today with all AP channels off and see how it behaves
  10. I’ll preface this by saying that before getting the Hind, I have zero experience with helicopters in virtual or real life. All of my experience is fixed wing. But as a big fan of Soviet aviation, I just had to get the Hind. And oh boy is it a challenge. My question is in regard to helicopter controls and how they behave. Not in terms of what the collective or cyclic do, I understand that. More so with the actual physical controls in the helicopter, collective/cyclic/rudder(called anti torque in the helo world?) I’ve seen various discussions about trimming helos in game and some of the compromises that have to be made due to the differences in the controls most of us have at home vs the actual controls in real life. And that got me wondering just how they work in the actual aircraft. Do the controls in the Hind, and other choppers, not go back to center after making an input and releasing pressure? Like in a fixed wing. IE, I make a right input on the cyclic and let go, would the control in real life stay there or spring back to center? I see that the Hind in game has the trimmer button which, when pressed, keeps the cyclic in the present position and that becomes the new “center.” The manual for the Hind states that this is kind of a special sim feature, does it work different in real life? I also saw that some people that fly helos remove the springs from their joysticks and use the dry clutches and set the tension so that when they release the stick it stays in place. If that is the case, what is the point of the trimmer switch? And also, from reading another post, I got the impression that the anti torque pedals are non self centering? When you press on the pedals they stay in place? Thanks for any help! Please post some good documents or videos if you know of any! I’m having a blast flying the Hind and I’m trying to wrap my head around how helicopters operate. It’s just so vastly different to the fixed wing aircraft I’m used to flying virtually and in real life for all these years
  11. Really? In my experience the basket is steady as a rock
  12. Did a quick flight with the new update. Great job guys, the new AP behavior is great. Let’s just say my first trap was interesting! The burble effect is real! With HB leading the charge on wake turbulence and the burble, any plans on implementing the bow wave that comes off the nose and moves the basket during tanking? Is this something you guys could even implement? Or would this have to come from ED?
  13. I’m not 100% sure as I never flew the Tomcat in real life, but that is almost certainly wrong. The top part is turn rate, and the ball is the inclinometer (shows slips/skids). At least that’s how every other aircraft I know works
  14. I see what you’re saying now! I think we were saying the same thing just in different ways haha
  15. Yeah I understand that. I was just referring to wind having no effect on TAS. It doesn’t matter what the wind is once in the air since you’re moving with the air mass. Headwind, tailwind, crosswind, the plane doesn’t “feel” it. If you have 2 planes, both at say, 20,000 feet and same temperate and everything. Both are flying at an IAS of 250kts. Plane A has a tailwind of 100kts and plane B has zero wind. Their TAS will both be the same, only their GS will differ
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