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  1. Mucaneros! Has it go unstuck for anyone? At this point I'm not going to check it more often than once in a week (Wednesday).
  2. Get this. There is no way to identify the chip/codec! Even by DEV ID. Judging by forum posts it's often the case with Realtek in notebooks. And thanks to Lenovo there is no way to disable audio feature. On the other hand notebook BIOS es rarely have this kind of toggles. Once upon a time a LAN chip exploded the lid off and the mobo still worked fine for me. A nice hole, with the rainbow integrated circuit guts visible. Which gave me an idea...
  3. Fffff@#@$@cc that! And Realtek. And that crab of theirs. Seriously. Over 2 decades of computing when I had a system problem it was either with Windows Update or the damned Realtek! Just when I bought the notebook in late 2019 I had a problem where sounds would be cut off if not played in succession. Guess what. The fff$#%# Realtek decided* they're going to put the chip to sleep each and every time it finished audio playback and it would take almost two seconds for it to wake up! WTF?! Fortunately there's a registry hack for that. Anyway, even though I remember what they did to Aureal 3D I bought Creative G6 USB sound card/DAC and I'm using Realtek just for microphone... https://youtu.be/niqh3h8OC9w?t=55 ...but honestly I'm thinking about buing some 3 cm stubby little microphone (any recommendations, including just a pickup for DIY soldering?) for that G6 to just stick there so I can disable Realtek completely on my system, at this point out of spite I guess. BTW, on the slightest hint of further problems I'm also going to disable any AMD audio components as well. *or Lenovo, I don't care, I will still blame Realtek.
  4. I have found the culprit and a workaround and I refuse to find it interesting Yes, I tried Linux - the issue isn't triggered. Sooo... I've noticed people sometimes mention Realtek refering to that problem. I dismissed it before. I have tested that reverting to AMD Adrenaline from June 2021 alleviates the issue. "So it can't be Realtek" Wrong! It is an AMD GPU* Vs Realtek driver conflict. Reverting to some random release from 2020 of the Realtek driver for my """HD audio codec""" caused the issue to disappear. Now I can install even the latest AMD Adrenaline drivers/software. * GPU not GPU. I bet it's about the HDMI Audio component
  5. Already tried that. The thing is, as with the failed WPR recording, the issue kicks in AFTER the display pipeline is done, i.e. display shuts off. But then the system fails to shut down/restart for a regular interval of around 2 minutes. This is why I call it a "bare-metal bug".
  6. Nope. All similar quirks are disabled on my system and the issue is not related to those special Windows 10 modes.
  7. Does anyone experience this? I'm struggling with the issue since mid 2021. The problem is extremely low-level and it can't even be diagnosed using WPR boot traces. See https://community.amd.com/t5/drivers-software/slow-reboot-and-shutdown-on-ryzen-5-2500u/m-p/497299
  8. Same here! I tried eeeeeeverything. Including resetting WU components using the tenforums script as well as renaming the softwaredistribution directory from within Linux. I keep getting the 0x8007000d I haven't missed my linux-only setup so badly in a while. related links and notes Basics - Disk check (chkdsk DISKLETTER: /f) - Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth - Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth https://www.sysnative.com/forums/threads/0x8007000d-on-cumulative-win10-21h2-windows-updates.36020/ https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/24742-reset-windows-update-windows-10-a.html Method - Windows Update Troubleshooter Method - Microsoft Update Catalog
  9. Hi! Nope. Altough you can pause and use LCtrl+F11 to place the camera anywhere. See https://forum.dcs.world/topic/95008-dcs-cameras-views-and-video-recording/
  10. Hi! I'm looking for one of the earliest WIP videos of MiG-29 PFM. A plain one but effective. The mig was going towards the camera in a very dynamic horizontal S pattern. The video was allegedly recorded by you, Yo-Yo, if I remember correctly. Can anyone drop a link please.
  11. Indeed, this is something different. Even the complimentary pop-o-country at the end didn't spoil the work overall
  12. @rapid Good one! Thankfully a hypercaptain chimed in! related
  13. Hi! I don't use nV GE. Have you tried transcoding the video into a lossless format? It's a pretty good idea to do your entire workflow this way anyway, up until the last export before uploading to youtube. Also, do you have a sample video from the times the problem was not yet present? If so, you could feed bothe the videos to e.g. VLC to compare their codec informations (ctrl+j).
  14. Speaking from my own experience of having the same passion for simulators after all this time - probably masochism
  15. Just getting into the vibe after discovering what's the genre name for Apache Indian and Shaggy But! The reason I hit the DCS caves is quite particular. I'm looking for a particular track. Here's the description: During one of my long reggae roots sessions on youtube I stumbled upon this choon I can't get out of my head. It was a white brune lady singing, I think, "music's good to me." It was a slow song, with the entire melody created using this DEEP bass groove, 4 notes high, 4 notes low, as I'd describe it using my no-musical-background skills. How I'd narrow it down from all of the world music out there - it reminded me of Madonna - Like a virgin, from its tempo and general feel of the main vocal. Here's the playlist I was going through that night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcaPu9JPenU&list=PLsVojx2OApfvEJG72Z8vE-9wsEJMPWi-L Any guesses?
  16. I think it's in the original post #1. Just poorly described EDIT: A great tutorial adds something more! I've added it to the OP. at this time mark youtu.be/avSGSj1iSso?t=231
  17. Theme Of Roarr (NEM3SI$ Remix) - YouTube — 303 State - YouTube —
  18. Could anyone perhaps provide the jist pertaining to clouds in DCS?
  19. I need some help here. Contact my via private messages, please. Thanks!
  20. I don't listen to guitar music but when I do... [youtube]Abi8Mqyeyys[/youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abi8Mqyeyys Chemtrails - Blurred visions
  21. I'd round up the camera-related lua files and text search the #$#t out of them for "free" The only other options I can think of are: 1. Manual tracking 2. Cheating with a combination of higher camera distance but narrower FOV (zoom).
  22. "The biologist" improvised live country song 1:05:37 bonuses https://youtu.be/Okyr8XzhjzE?t=3198 https://youtu.be/Okyr8XzhjzE?t=3544 https://youtu.be/Okyr8XzhjzE?t=3575
  23. Jan Vercauteren - In Space - [Voight-Kampff-VA002​.​2] - YouTube — DDR & The Geezer as well as Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss spring to mind :)
  24. Alice Fredenham - How come you don't call BTW, the thumbnail reminded me of :) https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=hedi+lamar+corel&iax=images&ia=images EDIT Apparatus Tube Synthesizer (Live) - YouTube —
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