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  1. I can see it happening with some frequency while trying to maintain formation, but the WW2 navigator never mentioned in his book the L/G warning horn going off for the entirety of their night SOLO missions on the deck. I only tried for like 45 minutes at full fuel and ammo and the horn was near constant, would have to throttle back even more to maintain 240mph with low fuel and ammo making the warning horn not even close to turning off. Maybe should inquire about the 500' AGL at 240mph profile. Probably would also have to account for the derated Merlins being operated today.
  2. Did the navigator (and pilot even) have to buckle on the chute before bailing out?
  3. I was reading "Terror in the Right Seat" and the author/Mossie Navigator stated that they flew their night intruder missions at 240mph so that 1 minute was 4 miles which was 1 inch on their maps. Nice convent figures to use while trying to look for landmarks in the dark, playing owl and constantly checking 6, scanning for targets... I tried replicating this in DCS with a full fuel and ammo, trimmed out, low level. Trying to maintain 240mph almost always set the landing gear warning horn off. Either the DCS mossie has the horn setting is set a little too high, or the the actual pilots in WW2 just didn't hear it anymore (or both.)
  4. 1. The pickup training mission has a bug with the caption text. Previous captions do not go away and the whole of the captions start scrolling through each caption box. 2. The landing training mission has fog down to ground level. Using Beta version with Oculus Rift.
  5. I just thought I would mention load-cell vs spring is what are you trying to emulate? A light aircraft or WW2 aircraft the toe brakes will feel more like the brake pedal in your car, some travel then fairly solid and you are modulating pedal pressure to change deceleration. A modern jet, however, feels more like the accelerator pedal in your car. The pedal position controls deceleration (up until anti-skid works it magic) and springs provide feedback. As with all things aircraft related: your model may vary, any blanket statements I made are true. Until the counter-examples are revealed.
  6. Nice work. Matches DCS nicely. DCS doesn't match the real P51s trim knob movements exactly, but we only use a tiny bit of that range in DCS anyhow. The knobs outside diameters are 3 7/16in at the base and 1 1/8in tall. That should give you a bit more pleasant feel to the grip if you're going for a bit of realism.
  7. Anybody have experience or suggestions for getting a paint color close to the zinc chromate used in USAAF cockpits? The plastic model kit colors are good, but they just hold a tiny amount.
  8. So this goes in the systems section of ...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\A-10C_2\Input\A-10C_2\joystick\default.lua ? Also found this section for the flaps in 'Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua' {down = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_UP, up = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_MNR_from_UP,name = _('Toggle Flaps Up'), category = _('Systems')}, {down = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_DN, up = iCommandPlane_FLAPS_MNR_from_DN,name = _('Toggle Flaps Dn'), category = _('Systems')},
  9. I had same issue in AV8B. Took off in MP from airfield and TACAN never pointed to CV. Once I landed on the CV the TACAN was fine. A/A TACAN to tanker seemed to work ok.
  10. With the release of the F16 Viper, I thought I would resurrect this suggestion because OMG some of those cockpit switches are waaaay back there.
  11. Thanks that makes sense. Without a ground crew to communicate within the game it was a bit baffling.
  12. What is meant by 'finger checks' that are referenced in the tutorials and pocket guide? I assume a pilot, even a Marine pilot, doesn't need to check that their fingers are still there that often (ground grew maybe).
  13. Since this weekend is a back to school sales tax holiday here, there was no state sales tax on the sale price. Thanks for posting. :thumbup:
  14. I have to wonder about so many beta changes piled on top of each other that DCS can no longer claim it is testing in preparation for a stable release. It would be only become much more difficult to differentiate the source of bugs. Put simply they have broken the develop, test, release model. Now they are merging feature branch after feature branch onto beta and seem to have forgotten the master branch because it looks so small and puny on the commit map.
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