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  1. hi. Bit late but thought I should reply. Would absolutely LOVE a full South East Asia map of Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia in the late 60s period. Would really make the Huey shine. Being able to do ops like: - troop transport - troop insertion/extraction - medevac - gunship support - night missions (no NVGs so flares)
  2. oh and it'll have names we can actually pronounce corrrectly!!
  3. Go with the UH-1H. Best all round heli imho and perfect to start learning in. I'd stay away from the gazelle. The 'flight model' on that chopper doesn't seem right. I'd leave the Mi-8 as last - she's a big girl with massive rotors and is a lot more forgiving than the Huey.
  4. we've seriously needed a MODERN NATO utility helicopter after the Mi8. And no the Huey doesn't cut it. The Blackhawk is in use by armies all over the world so would be the perfect choice.
  5. This. When I saw the 30mm chain gun I went...'oh wait, it can't be...please....' and then BOOM. Floored. Now we can pair the Kiowa with the Apache.
  6. +1. this is especially a PITA when you're doing carrier landings and you miss something like the alt setting. Out of interest, how am I able to get an alt setting online if its not published?
  7. +1 for this. Are we able to remove the chat as well? That annoys the crap out of me.
  8. I've said this before and I like throwing it every now and then. I wish ED would concentrate on developing a 'complete scenario' for jets like they are for WW2. I'm talking say Vietnam or Korea. But develop it properly so that you have all the correct assets and map so we can actually have DCS Vietnam servers running which includes say: Map: SEA (North/South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, bit of Thailand, Gulf) A/c: all the main Vietnam era a/c (F4, F105, A6, A1, Huey, Mig 17, Mig 19, Mig 21 - all correct era a/c) Assets: SAMs, AAA, naval assets, etc So yeah a full and complete scenario where we know we are fighting the proper ver of F4 (say the Es) vs the correct ver of the Mig 17/19/etc. Also being able to use the Huey like they did during the war. Same for say a Korean conflict. We already have the F-86 and Mig 15. But complete it with the other a/c the USN flew (F4U, F-51, F-80) plus all the required assets. Nothing annoys me more than servers that are filled with every a/c in a 'do whatever you want with whatever you want' scenario....because theres no immersion whatsoever.
  9. thanks guys - yeah even those ARMA/OFP animations would be awesome. DCS I find is also about the little things...thats why we love DCS..ie making all the switches in the cockpit work (or most anyway) so we can properly start/navigate our a/c or helicopters...but then having an empty cargo bay kills it. I wish there was a mod or something out there.
  10. DCS is make believe. Yes I know. But there's nothing worse than having to pretend to see troops in your huey and instead rely on a notification. Can we get this added to the game? Even if its a fake set of soldiers just standing in the huey - its better than an empty seating area.
  11. Hornet all the way for me for all the points noted earlier. The key thing is, the Hornet was developed as a naval multirole fighter from the get go (i understand) whilst the Viper was developed as an air superiority fighter...which was then converted to A2G. I still love the Hornet.
  12. I did initially before I learned the systems. I still kinda do for the A10, only because I don't spend much time in it now. Same for the Mirage, F5, etc. However most of my time is spent in the Hornet which i always start manually.
  13. any idea what time this is expected to roll out? i"ll be honest - I was/am excited about FS2020 coming out...but a little part of me was even MORE excited about the Syria map being released!! c'mon ED..lets get that map rolling! :)
  14. Damn this would be awesome. Not just for having a NATO attack heli (finally!) but also, finally we can welcome Brits into combat!! I don't think we have anything that the RAF/RN used/uses as a front line fighter or chopper as yet until now (and with the incoming Typhoon). I'm ignoring training a/c (and the harrier...which is the USMC variant). Am I missing something?
  15. i think we're getting ahead of ourselves. We should just be happy to have an AH-1G - yes Vietnam era. If ED can pull off an A model Apache, happy days but lets be a little realistic. Like people asking for the F117, F22 or F35 especially given they're all currently flying. I'm sure the Russian and Chinese AFs would love to get their hands on any of them (yes even simulated and not covering everything).
  16. i was really annoyed by the grim reapers interviewer...asking the question about multi engine aircraft then volunteering his own opinion. Whateveryourname is -shut up and stick to asking question. You don't speak for everyone. there's a lot of people that would love M/E aircraft. :doh:
  17. Not just that - I actually want to see infantry load onto and off a Huey/Mi8 AND i want to see them when I look back into the cabin.
  18. I know. I reckon there would be a LOT of interest in a vietnam war scenario but if done fully ie. DCS Vietnam...map, period assets, aircraft, SAMs, AAA, etc. Then the Huey can really shine!
  19. A lot of players are crossing our fingers for this. Nineline mentioned he was interested in this as well (responding to me on FB from memory) but said it hasn't been sort of considered as yet I think (too much on ED's plate). I've raised posts on this previously as well. DCS would be PERFECT for a full Vietnam scenario.
  20. On my squad ops, I tend to fly SEAD. We've done this on the PG map paving the way for the CAS flight...i stayed low in the mountain range (the enemy SA11 was located in an airport in northern Iran) whilst my mate stayed high...then I pulled up enough for the SA11 to track/lock/fire at me. When he did that, my mate up high locked him with his AGM-88s and killed him. That was awesome. I hid behind the mountains straight after (I was out of 88s). On another mission I baited the SAM to fire whilst he locked it up with the TGP and killed it with a JSOW. Reminds me of the Wild Weasel missions from Vietnam - 1 F105G flying with 1 or 2 F105Ds armed with CBUs to kill the SAMs/radars.
  21. For me, DCS is about two things: 1. flying jets; and 2. flying helicopters. For WW2, I'll go to <the sim that we're not allowed to talk about but which is much better>. However for helicopters and especially jets, its awesome. I'm sincerely hoping they finally realise there is merit in developing a full DCS Vietnam scenario ie. map, a/c, assets, etc. More Nato fighters for me does nothing. I didn't bother with the russian jets except the Mig21. I didn't bother with the Harrier. What I'm really annoyed about is dividing up the community by paid maps. Would prefer more free maps that we can get 20 servers with 20-30 players on doing PVE rather than 200 servers with 2-3 people on, which is the case now. No fun in flying alone in a hostile environment.
  22. Is it possible to get locations and/or lat/long? I know its not ideal however IRL you don't get 'head 45nm on 140 bearing' given traffic, wind, etc.
  23. that new 'boom' in the cockpit has been a godsend. The thing i hate is from normal POV you can see almost everything except for the RPM (or whatever engine %) which is the key indicator. I use a HyperX II with surround so I can hear it behind me which is awesome.
  24. Loved that movie. Definitely agree. Assuming this includes Alaska?
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