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  1. +1. The cockpit textures of the C-101 are IMHO pretty good. Please show us a screenshot.
  2. I hope not! It was correct in the MiG-19P and is currently being changed in the MiG-15 :) EDIT: Apparently this issue also existed in EN MiG-19P texture set and is now fixed.
  3. For my MiG-19 research, I am looking for photos of the DU-2 Oxygen Remote Control panel (from different angles). If you have any, please post them here. Thanks in advance!
  4. I believe the ARK-5 Homing Switch positions should be identical in MiG-15 and MiG-19: Left/Rearward position: ДАЛЬН. (FAR) Right/Forward position: БЛИЖН. (NEAR) If true, this would currently be modelled correctly in DCS: MiG-19P and incorrectly in DCS: MiG-15bis. If anyone has additional reference material supporting my claim, let me know and I will report this issue to the devs.
  5. Thank you, Jens and others! Issue reproduced in internal version and reported to the devs...
  6. Could someone provide a track of the problem using the current DCS version? I want to highlight this issue to the devs...
  7. Well done, Borderline! Love the soundtrack.
  8. Danke für die Info - Problem ist bekannt.
  9. Fixed in internal version - thanks for your patience!
  10. Already known and reported: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=206982
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