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  1. Yup, that was me. :D Got myself a total of 15 A2A kills in that mission. It got to the stage that apart from covering Vapor (FAC) and Brewber (my wingie) over the battlefield, I was also protecting our fighters as well... so, as you can guess I was pretty smug with myself that night. :D A total of 3 F-15's fell that night, 2 by vihkrs and 1 even falling to an R-60 from a Su-25A...... ain't that right GG. :music_whistling:;) Got punished for it afterwards though. :doh: :lol: On the original point though, about any AGM-65 air kills. IIRC Noti is a master at that with a lot of kills.
  2. Search for Shepski's realistic weapons mod in the mod section of the forum. There is a 1.12a version in page 7 of the thread IIRC.
  3. I am still on extended leave from the squad (maternity leave :D) but hopefully Goon and the gang wont mind me clearing something up here. The weird loadouts that you see in the aircraft screen are more likely down to someone with a lope'd weapons load being in the aircraft space before you. It's a well known fact that people have spawned in an aircraft previously occupied by a loper (e.g. a Su-27) without checking the loads and have weird missiles (e.g. a AIM-54) loaded out...... even though they don't have an edited meinit file. IIRC (from my server admin rights status) Both servers have "BASIC" Lock-on installs. That is to say, without any mod, skins or edited meinit.xml files.
  4. The model that comes with the installer is in .LOM format. To edit the model in any way you must have the original MAX model which Walmis has lost. ED did not create a LOM -> MAX tool, there was no point as they have the original models in MAX format to work with. Someone has created a program to unpack the LOM format but IIRC it unpacks with errors and is $50. Unless Walmis finds a back-up somewhere or gets some way to restore his old data, then all is lost for editing the current model.
  5. Yep, it and the R-37 are limited to 1g manouvers to combat online cheating, so dont be expecting to hit anything with these missiles if you hack them on. :megalol:
  6. Sorry not to amaze you then. :cry: :smilewink: Helicopter Attack Wing (HAW) was brought into being during 1.11. Biting our nails until the release. :D
  7. Yes slots are there to add a good few more ships. Was mucking about with the Flanker 2 models a few months ago before starting my 25T skins again. http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/504Wolverine/InvasionFleet1.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/504Wolverine/InvasionFleet2.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/504Wolverine/InvasionFleet3.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/504Wolverine/Invasionfleet4.jpg http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/504Wolverine/Borascreenie.jpg Still a lot of extra slots there from Flanker 2 :smilewink: http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a47/504Wolverine/badday.jpg
  8. May I ask where you got these numbers from r.e. Tornado losses. There were a total of 8 RAF tornado losses during Operation Granby and only 1 loss during Operation Telic. http://www.tornado-data.com/History/Granby/the_aircraft.htm http://www.tornado-data.com/Production/RAF%20Crash%20Data.pdf
  9. You will not see anyone else using that skin online unless they have the same meinit.xml file which allows you to use these. The only people to have this meinit file is 504th members. When we use these skins online, because you dont have the associated meinit.xml file and the .skins files you will only see the default #1 25T skin. Anyways, the entire VVS504th 25T fleet are in the paintshops being resprayed atm. Here's a sneek peek. Though Igor, our chief resprayer used the wrong paint and it started to peel off on the first flight. ;)
  10. Looks like your abacus is fubared again goon. :P Thats Tonka's skin but Zorlac's number.
  11. You rang....... :D GG summed most of it up in his post. It's a pig but given time you do get used to it. I would suggest you do what we make our recruits do and spend some time with the Su-25k before progressing onto the Su-25T as it is more agile than its big brother. Also as Alfa said, only load up with what you need to get the job done (weapons and fuel) and not like what some people do and hang everything but the kitchen sink on it.
  12. Yes shaman, IRL the Su-27 can carry double pods of the S-25, UB-13 and B-8 but in lockon this is not possible. http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=13080&highlight=rocket
  13. The briefing screen, button to the right of the coalition button.
  14. Looks different than the R-73 (dogfighting) seeker to me. Also looks a hell of a lot bigger than the R-60 seeker, as some suggested what may be installed on the 27T/ET.
  15. Could the ET on the rear centre pylon be some evidence that the ET does infact have datalink like the ER as first thought? :confused: This new evidence needs some investigation. :detective_2:
  16. lol thread was 17 months old mate, during the release of the 1.1 demo.
  17. Su-25T One tough mutha that can move a lot of mud and take a lot of punishment. Moving from the Su-25k which I flew since 1.0 was pretty easy and the addition of SEAD and guided weapons in conjunction with the ShKval made life a hell of a lot easier plus the fact that AFM was added is also a bonus as well.
  18. I hope that you are not implying that the 504th would be using dirty tricks with that ambiguous statement, afterall we all know who started the ET tactic and ECM macro now, don't we. ;)
  19. I have seen fox fly and yes he is a good pilot. What do you think this is? IL2?
  20. Only works with either .ogg or .wav format I'm afraid. You will need to convert your mp3 into one of these formats.
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