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  1. I also just experienced this. To verify I restarted DCS entirely, ran through the tutorial to that point and it wouldn't let me proceed past this point 2 different times. No extra button pushes or trying to move faster through the process to make sure.
  2. I think I ran into this as well and if I remember correctly you need to go back to the SMS page and then switch to VIS or BORE, then flip back to the WPN page. I'd have to try it again to make sure but that is sticking in my head.
  3. Make sure that the NWS status light that sits to the right of the HUD and right over the DED is lit green. That will verify the NWS is actually engaged. If not then it could be a binding issue or something similar.
  4. What mission. Have run the Krasnodar and Normandy variables without any issues.
  5. Good points Art-J. Another thing I didn't think about at the time is possibly a breaker needed to be pushed back in after popping? More testing!
  6. Agreed, something up if you leave the pitot heater on. After I had this issue I got a new plane, kept the heater off and flew around for 35-40 min staying under 8k and the issue never happened again.
  7. There is one already in the user file section, looks good too: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310285/
  8. I have this happen but it's because there is something wrong with the first stage trigger on my Warthog stick. I pull through to stage 2 (Button 6) and there is no issue. Have to tear it apart (again) to find out the issue. For your situation only use the keyboard to fire in testing to see if it still happens in the same way. that's how I figured out what was going on in my situation. Keyboard worked like a champ, trigger button would get 'stuck'.
  9. "If your submission is chosen, you will have your name added to the DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Anton credits, and your work will be included with the Fw 190 A-8" from here would indicate so, just hasn't happened yet. Until then you can still download them and put them into the game yourself.
  10. If you go to the User Files page then under File Type select 'Skins' and under the Unit drop-down select Fw 190 A-8 Anton, then hit the big FILTER button and boom, skins a-plenty. When I just looked there are 15 listed.
  11. Both attached. Sabre HUD Glass.trk dcslog.txt
  12. I just found that I also have this issue but it only seems to be when flying directly in rain. A few minutes after the video was taken we were out of the rain and the HUD glass stayed in place as expected. ${1}
  13. I checked it out as well and do not get any adverse effects like that. I agree that the DCS gymnastics are needed to be done first!:juggle:
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