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  1. Well, Today I booted up pc and its doing it again. I give up! 6 hours messing around yesterday. I will stick to MSFS. So frustrating. Something with Steam VR because when I move my head I can see steam vr home in back ground. My other vr games do not depend on steam vr and I am guessing that is why I am not having problems with them.
  2. I finally got it! I deleted my config and view files from main DCS directory and did a long repair and its finally working.
  3. Ive been working on this all day. I tried installing release version then came back to beta. Was also happening on release version. Elite Dangerous and MSFS2020 are working fine in VR. My controllers are off and have not tried them. I sure hope its that easy. I'm for trying anything at this point. That did not work either...... This is soo frustrating.
  4. When I launch DCS I get stuck in between the game and I think its steam vr. My head tracking works but it I can see the steam vr menu in back ground which fades in and out depending on lighting. Its very strange. Also DCS menu now moves with my headset making it impossible to click on the item on the right side of menu cause when I try to look at them the whole menu comes with me. I tried to delete saved games folder and reinstall steam vr. So far nothing has worked. Anyone have any other ideas?
  5. I got mine today. I updated from an Oculus CV1. The build quality seemed a bit better on the oculus. I noticed that right away. I mean that thing has had some hours on it and it's still going strong. It took me a bit to get used to the WMR and having to run steam VR. Not a bit deal but kind of had to figure it out. I tested it out on DCS, American Truck Sim and Elite Dangerous so far. Im very impressed! I can read gauges now! I was a bit surprised I could run the G2 on a founders 1080 as well. Head tracking is good. Fits good. Sound and mic seem good. I did have to turn my sounds in all my games up a bit as the earpiece doesn't touch my ear like oculus did. Im happy so far. Cant wait to upgrade my card now.
  6. When in vis mode, I move my hud box on to target area. Is there a way I can fine tune it after that using the TGP? If there is a way I can't figure it out. When I make my TGP soi it seems I can't move it anymore. I can move my MAV around but it doesn't move the TGP
  7. I say add them and let the player decide. Do I want fuel or do I want more harms. Its not a far stretch or aftermarket mod. We are not putting a PT-6 in mustang here. The cons list is pretty small. If you want to talk about releastic lets talk about these missiles flying through mountains.
  8. Yeah, This brings me back to Razbam days with Mirage. I quite flying it because I had to relearn it after every update.
  9. The basic system we had I liked better. Maybe not realistic but more functional until the other features come available.
  10. That sucks! In the future can we make stpt and mkpt from tdc on hud like you can in A10? Im not sure TGP has any use right now. Not always do we know where enemy will be and can pit a stpt on it.
  11. After update how do I do this? TMS aft seems to put TGP aft steer point not boresight it. I am trying to to get tgp on a sam launch out hud. How does one do this?
  12. 1. Is the fuel burn accurate? This bird seems to drink more than the mig29. I cant take enough drop tanks. 2. I cant make my TGP SOI if I don't load bombs. If I take 3 DTs. Some AA missles and a TGP, it seems I cant make my tgp soi. Any ideas? I was going to act as a FAC and lase for bomb cats.
  13. It doesn't seem to be consistent. Sometimes it fires two and sometimes one.
  14. Ok I figured out the sequence! Select AA mode. While in AA mode, Switch to 120s. Enter dogfight mode switch, to A120s and it will fire two. Double Missile2.trk
  15. Latley when I press the fire button two AIM120s fire instead of just one. I have a mp track but its pretty big. Ill try to get a smaller one.
  16. Last update did something to the menu. Happens to me in the MP menu as well.
  17. Happening to me to after last update. I can barely get to a mp server because it goes crazy and my VR frames drop like crazy
  18. I played all night on DDCS with the F14 and not a single CTD! I think you guys found it. I was updated but server was not.
  19. Great news on the fix! Cant wait for that one to go away. Hopefully it will get into the next update
  20. I flew for first time since update and I noticed right away my VR experience was better. Great update! Windows 10 I7 9700 64gb Ssd 1080evga Oculus Rift
  21. I had this bug for the first time tonight in MP. I was taxing, hit a crater and fell through map. Respawned and then I couldnt start right engine. After server restarted and I joined the mission again, I still had the bug. Needed to restart DCS to solve the issue.
  22. The CTDs seem to be very random for me. Lastnight I had no CTDs during a 4 hour mp mission. Same mission a couple of nights ago I CTDed 3 times. I always play on DDCS server. Most CTDs are with PAL lock and launch of a aim54. I would like to test locking an enemy in PAL and then have him turn on jammer. Maybe that is creating my CTD? Or have enemy JAM before I lock in PAL and then try locking him. CTD has happened when I lock F18s and F15s I know. Both A/C have a jammer. Everyone on TS and Discord that has F14 CTDs in mp. I find it hard that the internal testers are not. Just have them play on a BF or DDCS server.
  23. Anyone CTD with PAL in single player? I only get the CTD in MP. Haven't figured out the other parameter with PAL that is making it crash though. Maybe enemy Jammer? Been away all week and havent even dowloaded the update yet.
  24. C:\Users\allen\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Logs
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