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  1. you can map the flaps as axis on a rotary or slider, at least that is what i am doing. Works like a charm
  2. Supposed i use Eyefinity with 3 Monitors, I would like to know if it is possible to get an "angled" view on the left and right monitor or is it just distorted as if you zoom further out? Information would be very much appreciated. S~ Brati
  3. my ffb2 center is a little bit on the loose side to, but i dont know if it was tighter when i bought it years ago. It is still sufficient in my eyes. If anyone would find settings to strengthen the Centerforce, i would greatly appreciate. Had no time to look into it. ~S Brati
  4. Great Idea, I will be in for some testing if i find time. C2D 8600 @ 4 Ghz, 2 GB ddr2 1200, Gainward radeon 4870 1GB, Dell 2708 @ 1920 x 1200 S~ Brati
  5. Would like to have info on that subject too. I have a C2D 8600 (Grafik: 8800 GT ideling around at 1920x1200) and at stock speeds, i drop as low as 11 !!!!! fps over cities on a clean BS install. It is only when i oced it to 4 GHz that i get playable FPS in the lower Twenties. (settings all maxed out except water @ HIGH) S~ Brati
  6. No pun intended, i m just curious: How can you tell? I am following the Dev´s and Betatesters posts closely and as far as i can remember, they did not state anything concerning my question. For me, it is interesting to know, because i am using high (1920x1200) resolutions and high AA/AF levels. I have a 8800 GT and i am not able to set Water on Very High in LO-FC due to unplayable FPS (12-22). C2D @ 3,2 Ghz. That is why i think i have a Limitation in the Graphics Card. I am thinking about a 4870x2 and a q9650 for Upgrade. With the ability to use more Monitors (i will do:D) in DCS, Resolution will become even bigger. Thats why i think it is important, that Crossfire is working properly. It would be great, if a Dev or a Betatester could coment on this. THX S~ Brati
  7. Excelent question:thumbup: I m curious too! S~ Brati
  8. Other Question: Will DCS-BS be able to profit from a Crossfire Setup? Especially with the HD 4870x2 ? I mean is ATI aware of the DCS-BS? Will they support it with a Crossfire-Profile? S~ Brati
  9. "You need any help?" "With what?" "You figured it out yet?" "Whats up?" "Who´s the best pilot!" "No i think i can figure that one out on my own!" "I heard that about you, you like to work alone" S~ Brati
  10. LOL, in this case, Havok is Hardware accelerated, too ;-) Or might it be that the CPU is Software and i did not notice? I would rather say the question is: Is the physics engine (be it Havok or PhysiX) running emulated on the CPU, or is it adapted to run on a GPU (by the means of CUDA for Nvidia/PhysiX or in the Future on AMDs GPUs for Havok), or does it run on specially designed, proprietary Hardware as it was on the former PhysiX Cards? As you can see, you cant distinguish Software-accelerated and Hardware-accelerated. The only interesting question on this manner is, at least for me, will the Use of one or both engines be implemented in the DCS-Series ? If yes - there you go and you will be likely able to use a GPU to enhance your experience auf physical effects over the level you would get by doing it on a CPU. S~ Brati
  11. They are talking of the ingame mirrors to see an opponent sneaking up your 6 S~ Brati
  12. Hi Viper, glad to see u r still around! I m looking forward to your Website! S~ Brati
  13. sorry, but i have to disagree ! LOMAC is highly CPU-Bound. So Quad core does not help you much if you run it at, lets say 2,4 GHZ. With my C2D at this (Stock-)Speed, it was barely faster than my old Athlon 3400+ Single core. As i OC'ed it to 3,2 GHZ, my FPS, especially over Cities, improved significantly. That means more then when changing from an X1950XT AGP to a 8800 GT at the same settings. If DCS is based on the same engine, and with an increased load for "Physics Calculations" on the CPU, be sure that you need a highly clocked CPU more than a actual Graphics card. S~ Brati
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