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  1. Bah I know but... it doesn't look the same at all :music_whistling: Boberro, it can never be too good my friend :thumbup:
  2. Awesome! Any chance to have something similar for the Hog?
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong please gents...: Eagle Dynamics are the devellopers for Lock On, Lock On Flaming Cliffs, DCS Black Shark, Lock On Flaming Cliffs 2, DCS A-10C, DCS Black Shark 2. Original Lock On: Modern Air Combat has A-10A, not C, but in much less detail and fidelity to the real aircraft. Ubisoft was only publisher for Lock On: Modern Air Combat, they pulled the plug on the product after that. Lock On Platinum is a patched version of the original Lock On: Modern Air Combat game. The DCS Series is a much more in depth simulation of various platforms, with 3D, clickable, 6DOF pits, and is in constant devellopment. Hope it helps you figure it out a little :) Welcome to the forums. Cheers,
  4. Hahaha CyBerkut, that one cracked me up!
  5. What are your system specs? Try updating your video card drivers, or try different graphics options. Could also be overheating problem. (no very likely though)
  6. rofl hassata I'm still laughing as I type! Now on a serious note, agreed Carney, the more you fiddle with the thing the better it gets!
  7. It happened to me also Rasputin, you need to right click on "Computer", go to "device manager", select your TrackIR device, right click on it and go to properties. From there you need to update the driver. It will be recognized after that...
  8. It's just friggin' awesome dude!
  9. I love Louis C.K. He's hilarious :lol:
  10. heh, I rather be positive. See, if something happens the thing is under warranty anyway so why worry... Plenty of other stuff to worry about with our everyday life ;)
  11. Yes, see what you mean:
  12. I had mine for almost 10 years too (retired now) and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them. I'm really enjoying my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog now though... My Fighterstick and Pro Throttle might even be for sale ;)
  13. It looks great BoneDust, thanks! Any chance to have the files packed in a zip/rar format rather then a exe?
  14. You're right Snako, no need for 32bit files if your TIR64 works fine :)
  15. I think it was changed because some did not find it "authentic" enough, there were numerous threads in regards to the GAU8 sound. I think the new sound is quite nice. ED can make is as authentic to the real thing as they can, with high quality recordings and suff, and some "GAU8 sound experts" would still find something to complain about, so... :doh:
  16. Argh, you would need to record a video, you could upload it on youtube also, not just post the track, since the track will playback with OUR ingame sound... We want to hear YOUR ingame sound...
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