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    Used to play Apache Longbow, European Air War, F-22 ADF, Gunship!, IL-2, Jane´s F/A-18, LockOn, Falcon 4.0 and X-Plane


    All there is in DCS + some MSFS2020


    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
    ROG Crosshair VIII Formula
    MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X
    64GB Corsair Vengeance @3600MHz

    HP Reverb

    Brunner CLS-E FFB-base + Virpil MT50 CM2 stick
    Virpil MT50 throttle
    Virpil switch panel
    Komodo EC135/145 collective
    MFG Crosswind pedals
    WinWing F-18 Takeoff panel
    WinWing F-18 Combat panel
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    The Bizzaroverse
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    drawing, music, books, travelling, mountainbiking, cars and flight sims
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    it involves a keyboard

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  1. It has been broken for 10 years now. Just forget it
  2. VR! Made the transition with the F***ulus CV1 and never went back, with the exception of mission building etc. One does develop VR-legs over time. At first I couldn‘t stand it for more than 15-30 minutes and was left somewhat disorientd afterwards, but now 2hr+ sessions are no real problem. Using a HP Reverb G1. Racing games are a different thing for me though, very demanding
  3. Following this line of argument, freedom of movement for TIR should be massively limited, because it´s much harder scanning your rear quadrant with VR goggles. You siad it yourself - it needs to be optional and I think it´s not worth the effort. There are more important problems or features for DCS.
  4. Does this apply if VR -> mirror eye source is set to „both“?
  5. Hi all, ist there anyone from Germany here who can tell me how to get one of these seats or an anlogue? It´s the last puzzle piece to my setup, but my Realteus ForceFeel order from 2019 never materialized and apparently there are no shipping options to Germany for this one. Cheers!
  6. For me the problem still exists (all the time) - with OS, DCS and drivers up to date. It can be overcome by playing the lottery and loading different (seemingly random) missions until you get the desired outcome. I also edited the .lua at some point, mostly because some .miz-files could not be deleted otherwise, but that won´t help if you ever want to load a different mission or have to restart the server / mission.
  7. The old clouds were pretty much 2 decades old AFAIK. Still remember them from the good old LockOn days...
  8. Thx for the info. A pilot body would be greatly appreciated (by me).
  9. Just as a side note - I have observed exactly the same problem with a deadzone as Katj described in the Gazelle cyclic (using FFB). I wonder if there is a connetction and why they can’t just disable it or make an option for people to choose...
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