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  1. When you say I need to configure a virtual display what do you mean by this? In the link I have posted below the guy doesn't say anything about setting up a virtual screen. All he shows you is how to get the CDU working with the helios program. Does helios actually set this virtual screen up for you or not? Please watch the youtube video I have posted below just to confirm this is all I need to do. Thanks! Also, when you say not use a usb for the touchscreen I'm a bit confused. The lillieput 10" screen I was looking at uses a usb port and also has a graphics card I believe. So, how do I connect it if not connecting via Usb? And by graphics card, do you mean to have it use the my computer graphics card and not the lilliput one? Are you saying I need to get a touch screen that uses hdmi or dvi for the best results? I also posted the link to the lilliput touch screen I was looking at. Thanks! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lilliput-UM1010T-Monitor-USB-powered-Screen/dp/B003DPOMAS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422470528&sr=8-1&keywords=lilliput+10"+screen
  2. I just need a touch screen now, but I could do with some advice on this please. I was looking at getting the 10" lilliput touch screen, but I've also seen a 23" Acer one I like. I'm just wondering, if I opted for a bigger touch screen if I would increase lagg in DCS with it been a bigger screen? I'm only planning to put the A10C CDU panel on it for now. Does the lagg only occur the more panels you put on the touch screen, or does a bigger screen size also cause lagg? Thanks!
  3. Can someone please tell me the easiest way to get a panel like the CDU onto a touch screen display. Why does something like this appear to be so complicated? Can someone tell me the easiest way even though I wouldn't say I was a dummy when it comes to using a computer? I hate having to keep using trackir for the CDU. Also, does it cause massive lagg putting a panel like the CDU on a different screen? I was hoping to get quite a big touch screen. Thanks!
  4. Totally off topic, but rather then make a new thread, I thought I'l slip it in here. What do the guys with the "ED Testers Team" at the side of their names test? Are they testing this new 2.0 Edge map now?
  5. I don't think this is the case because I watched a froogle video that seems to state otherwise. In the video Froogle says DCS World 2 is free and ED want a public Alpha to test it. I might be wrong but could they sell the NTTR map while DCS World 2 is being Alpha tested? I hope so, but I'm not sure.
  6. I thought I read that bug fixes where going to happen after 2.0 because all hands were on deck for 2.0. I can't remember if it was just someone speculating this though.
  7. So where do all these guys go to play? I don't see them online in DCS world.
  8. Hmm, 340 views and seems no squads are recruiting? This then brings me to a question about multiplayer. Do all the squads use a server outside of DCS World? It's just when I go online I see many empty servers and just a few with people in them.
  9. Does Froogle take friend requests? I want to be his friend.
  10. The problem with seeing this new map is it puts you off firing up the old map. I really thought they would have released this by now given it's only an Alpha. Everyone knows there will be bugs with an Alpha, so why are we still waiting on a release date now? I just can't bring myself to start up the old map, so I'm going to wait before I purchase any new modules.
  11. Not sure why people are bothered about collision models on trees. You'd probably end up dead the first time you hit a tree in real life, so isn't it best just just to avoid them?
  12. I thought we were finally going to get Edge a few months ago, but four patches later your guess is as good as anyone's. I take it these payware campaigns are going to work with the new engine when it's finally released? I'm a bit unsure about buying anything new until the Edge engine is out now.
  13. Anyone got a Heuy profile for WTH TM Hotas Warthog? Save me having to map all the controls. Where can I get a good one from? Thanks!
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