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  1. :D that looks very nice, I just joined Flashpoint in the Falklands , a mod for Operation Flashpoint, recreating the Falklands war. I'm doing modelling stuff for them. I wish you much luck, I'm looking forward to see your game completed.
  2. :confused: WTF doesn't the installer not copy all sound files??? fixed the problem now
  3. So, I just ordered LOMAC and a new Joystick :D While waiting for them to arrive I'm playing the Flamming Cliffs demo. I've played the demo from the original LOMAC before and there one could look around in cockpit with the mouse. I would like to do that in FC as well but somehow it isn't possible. Only in the external viewable with mouse :icon_frow Does anybody have an idea how I can look around in cocpit-view with the mouse in the Flamming Cliffs Demo?
  4. which is the best way to get FC when you're living in germany? Is there an online shop in germany that sells the addon?
  5. Hi, I think about buying Flaming Cliffs and would like to know if it's standalone or if I need the Original game as well? What I've read in several descriptions of FC was a little bit contradictory.
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