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  1. When I turned off hyperthreading, it got even worse. Virtual cores are probably necessary for Windows, I think
  2. А не на SC ACLS и не должно работать. Только показывает, а управляешь сам. Только на суперкариере работает
  3. Похоже, что ACLS на авике включается только тогда, когда ATC даёт заход по Case II или Case III. По Case I не работает.. "...AFAIK, ACLS is not used in Case I, since it's a visual approach."
  4. Hi! I switched off all addons in Sripts folder And ... the situation has really improved! The GPU utilization increased! In track Benchmark CPU GPU load.trk (which I posted above) GPU utilization almost all the time 100%. It sometimes drops to 80...90, but not often. Before it was about 50...70 all the time. In the track "Test.trk" the load is more, but also used to be much worse than now after disabling addons. You're right, tacview probably for CPU costs most performance in larger missions Two tracks and logs attached. DxDiag too. P.S I think I will postpone buying an i5 12600 with a motherboard
  5. Interesting idea... Alas, I only have 32Gb of memory... (8 Gb x 4) But, it would be interesting to know how it could be done (about own server on my PC for enables to offload the AI computation)
  6. And the i5 12600 will not help in such heavy missions ?
  7. Can you check this track on your PC? And what CPU & GPU utilization do you have? I want to understand the possible cause of GPU underloading. If it's really problem in my CPU, it's time to think about replacing it... And please, who has a powerful CPU - playback this track on your own and what are the results on the CPU and GPU utilization in this track? Track
  8. Turning off the wake turbulence made no difference in this case
  9. Now I checked the CPU core load. None of the cores are even half-loaded! Here is a screenshot GPU - 50% 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ... Each cores less than 50%. I do not see CPU cores which one loaded to the max !
  10. Если управляешь тангажом ручкой, придавливая самолёт к палубе - то так и будет, угол атаки уменьшается, зад приподнимается". Только РУД-ми управлять по тангажу на заходе!
  11. Hi! I don't understand why this is happening... In the company mission "FA-18C Operation Cerberus North" in Syria is not a full load of GPU ? And when the GPUs load 15...20% - freezes. DRAM is not full load. I have 32 Gb DRAM. Vertical Sync - OFF. But... when I go to PAUSE (ESC) - GPU load - 100%. What could be the reason for "half" GPU load? Checked in Syria in free flight - there is normally - 100% GPU load. Two videos - mission, where the partial load GPU and free flight with a full load GPU + CPU, GPU, DRAM parameters.
  12. Hi ! Is it possible to rotate the map in ME? So that north is not at the top, for example.
  13. Mission 5 What does this message mean - "You have taken damage, you can abort the mission via the F10 menu if you wish. If you make it back to Incirlik the mission will still complete." I didn't find any visible damage.... After this message I back to Incirlik and get score - 97!
  14. Hi Mission 5. Additional task to rescue the A-10C pilot. Only the GUN is available to complete the task?
  15. You need to find the right frequency Bravo on COMM2 You have to try it consistently 374 500...374 550....374 600...374 650 ....to 375 000, and you will find the right one I'm not write the right frequency here... it's easy to do it yourself.
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