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  1. I love DCS. It gives me a possibility to experience to fly legends like F14,16, MiG21, Su27, Mi-24 etc… which I would never be able to do in a real life..
  2. Hi, the server is absolutely amazing with good immersion. The aircraft selection for each side + loadout make sence to me and I would not change it. Good job !
  3. Thanks for the answer. I am aware about computer target mode. I would like to use Jester and Lantirn to find and identify the targers and then using dumb bombs to destroy it.
  4. Hi, could we use jester lantirn in F14 similar way like TGP and CCRP in F16 for dumb bombs? thx
  5. The probe switch was in upper position I mentioned it in the first post. The tanker disconnected the probe and message transfer complete. Tested today same mission. I started with 7000lbs and finished with 16.100lbs today. Could it be because the tanker is really out of fuel? I was using Viking. I saw 16.600 fuel capacity on wiki for Viking. Is this total capa including fuel for Viking itself or fuel reserved for refueling ?
  6. Hi, I managed to refuel F14 till disconnection message from the tanker but it finished at 17.000lbs. Is it normal ? The probe switch was in upper position. Thx
  7. Quality cost something and Heatblur F14 is a TOP quality product.
  8. Definitely not to the change log
  9. Perfect ! Thank you for support and excellent communication.
  10. Hi, I tried again the same mission but I switched to the nose position in the beginning. - Radar worked fine. I understand that it is a not easy task to integrate the change to Jester menu. Can't you just hardcode default switch position to nose ? This should be an easy task possible for HotFix. Thank you,
  11. Yes. It seems like the issue. I consider this as a huge problem because it happend to me in my first mission with F14 after patch. No special setup. I am even afraid to open MP..
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