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  1. Indeed. We can't do the Suez Crisis or the Six-Day War because we don't have Egypt or the Sinai or the Suez Canal on our maps (or even southern Israel). It would be nice if the map "deciders" read a history book now and then). We can do the Golan Heights but not the Sinai. Go figure.
  2. Has anyone noticed the OP vanished several days ago? He was trolling, folks. Gotit has left the building. You are preaching to an empty room.
  3. A little help please. I can't get the ILS (ICLS, MCL) to work. I set the channel listed on the kneeboard for the airbase, turn on BIT and release it back to ON, nothing. In BIT, it shows it calibrating but the lines disappear when it goes back to O). I haven't seen any complaints in the forums so I must be doing something wrong. Suggestions? Thanks in advance. HT
  4. Not many big cities n the Negev, Sinai or along the Suez. My interest is in creating recreations of historical missions. Not much air war history in the areas where they are expanding. But I'll take what I can get.
  5. I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. East is okay, I guess. But why not south? Southern Israel (Negev) Sinai, Egypt, Suez Canal. More air battles were fought in those areas than anywhere outside of WWII? Don't you care about historical air battles? More empty desert does very little for me....
  7. @photowriters: Great post! Thank you!!!
  8. Mogster and Ophois47, this is a necro thread. It began in November 2020 and ended in April 2021. The OP who started it has long ago vanished from DCS. Why resurrect it now?
  9. We (I) need a Coastal Command Mossie WITHOUT D-Day stripes.
  10. HotTom


    I hate to join the endless tidal wave of "I WANT!" posts...but...here's mine.... Today, I started experimenting with P-47s and the Marianas map and there is no NAPALM in the P-47 loadouts. We get a Marianas map. We get a P-47. We don't get NAPALM. It was there. It was used. A lot. Really. NAPALM was first used by combat aircraft by P-47s in the 318th Fighter Group on June 19, 1944. It was used on Saipan. It was used on Tinian. It was used on Guam. It was used afterward on all Pacific islands. You might also notice in the first video F4Us dropping NAPALM. So, maybe now is a good time to start making it. After the home-made fuse-on-a-drop-tank used n the Marianas, a real NAPALM bomb was designed: I'm not arguing the ethics of it. I saw it used in Vietnam and it was very nasty. I'm just arguing about the historical accuracy.
  11. If it sooooo wonderful, why are there so many bellyaching posts from VR users in the forum?
  12. Maybe I'm missing something but in my Mission Editor the only U-boat available in the assets pack is the U-Flak version. Is there a non-U-Flak version available? Only four were built and all were stationed in the Bay of Biscay (which isn't on any of our maps). They are dripping with AAA, far more than any standard U-boat. And they were only in service for a few months in 1943. The RAF, which lost a total of six aircraft to the U-Flaks, quickly learned to attack the boats with a large swarm of Mosquitos and the experiment was abandoned. The result is: Trying to build a Mossie attack's U-boats mission, the only U-boat I can use puts out a murderous amount of AAA and is totally un-historical. There was nothing "typical" about the U-Flaks yet that is the ONLY U-boat available to us. What's wrong with this picture???
  13. Huh? You want a picture of yourself in the pilot seat, right?
  14. I couldn't find it in the modules manager....BUT I did a complete repair (the long versions) and it's back. I'll give it a try and report any problems. Thanks, MAX!
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