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  1. Unfortunetly radar missiles in version 1.12a are completely screwed up. You cant do anything about it but to revert back to version 1.1. Even then they will be much worse than in Lomac 1.02. The main problem is sensitivity to chaff. They are spoofed very easily regardles if its old or new generation missile. Their vulnerability is just the same.
  2. Will there be any improvements to SAMs regarding multitarget engagement in BS? For example Ticonderoga cruiser can only engage 2 targets at a time while IRL its close to 20. Why not model it accordingly? Right now even strategic sites are sitting ducks against any larger attack.
  3. He only mentions slight improvemnt for f-15 no comment about su-27/33 which suffer from the same problems. Not to mention other AI planes which are supposed to get the same FM dynamics as player controled jets. I hope they will not have trouble climbing and cruising at altitude without using afterburner.
  4. Any final comment from ED regarding ingame f-15 (su-27/33) performance?
  5. Let me get this straight. We do agree that performance of Sidewinder in Lockon is terrible right? Ofcourse R-73 has much bigger range and lethality than Sidewinder we all know that. But Aim-9 here is kinematicly modeled worse than versions from the Vietnam war! This should be on the top priority list for Black Shark. Seeing your missile failing hit even a slow target like helicopter at 2 miles is a joke. We have real fighter pilots in this forum let they comment on this? Realistic range should be around 10 miles at altitude right?
  6. Bump for this thread. So again Im asking why Eagle TAS and GS digital readings on radar display dont show correct airspeed value anymore? True air speed readout now shows CAS - a duplicate of hud reading. Why was it changed in Flamming Cliffs I ask you? Anyone?
  7. So Yo-Yo why doesnt this apply to russian aircraft as well? Why have they higher top speed than stated but Eagle has it lowered? Whats up with that? Dont the same limitations apply to russian airframes or are they made from super strentgh materials? Why dont you(ED team) just admit that everything russian in this game- from ground units to air-air missiles is overmodelled so it always comes out better than western stuff?:thumbdown:
  8. OMFG this is simply amazing! When did you start doing it because it came out so fast. Great work, but you need to remove turkey feathers from engine nozzles.:thumbup:
  9. Did you notice how beautiful that kc-10 was? Where can I get that skin?
  10. Speaking of easy flight model... They claim that amongst other things it makes your engines produce 2x the thrust. I tried it and there seems to be no diference whatsoever. Same T/W and I tried to reach mach 2.5 in Eagle. And you now what? I could only achieve exactly the same top speed as before so it doesnt work. And yes Razor, air-air combat is virtualy broken in Flaming Cliffs unfortunetely. So are Rh missiles, especially aim-120 and r-77. PK is absolutely porked. You must use opposite tactics than irl to have any sort of sucess. (look up-shoot up situations) But not just air-air missiles also radar sams performance is terrible. They eat chaff like crazy.
  11. I wonder how they play basketball here! Or football for that matter.:lol:
  12. Excellent movie. I like movies where all Lockon settings are maxed out any you can watch it in full glory. Also beautiful unedited footage and nice fluid video experiance. This is one of the greatest Lockon movies ever made. Too bad it is so short though. Keep up the good work! :thumbup: Do you remember video called Thrustinburnt and where I can find it?
  13. Is there a special reason why cars travel around the map at 36 km/h? Makes you wonder what the devs were thinking by that! :megalol: And why they have no sound at all?
  14. Did you noticed that fuel indicator panel uses cyrilic not normal letters? Would someone please make a quickfix for that?
  15. It doesnt lock the target it should but instead snaps to another strangly more distant target and not taking into account preset target size. Molniya and Albatros are good example. Shkval will ALWAYS ignore Albatros and rather lock up smaller(and less dangerous Molniya lol) if ships are close together. Try it yourself it works that way 100% time. It doesnt matter if you aim directly on Albatros, it will jump directly to Molniya. This is a very serious bug which prevents playing campaign normaly and gives you frustrating expirence with game. Is this thing scripted or what? Where is realistic modeling of Shkval? And how does it measure distance if no range finder is used?
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