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  1. Is there a release date for Black Shark? No?! Maybe 2008??? Pathetic!!!
  2. It seems that the only thing we ever going to see from BS is "new screenshots" every month, this is pathetic! :pilotfly:
  3. http://speedandangels.com/ I just see the movie and it is beautiful, the real deal, about two navy fighter pilots, a man and a woman who fly the F-14 TomCat, they both have an amazing story on how they became pilots and i am not going to say anything more but GO SEE THE MOVIE ! :pilotfly:
  4. WOW, that is great pictures, does the Carrier Ops the F-18 and F-14 come from RV1/FF4, or is it a different add-on? Thank you.
  5. I have CH pro pedals and i like it, but i recomend you to read this: http://www.simhq.com/_technology2/technology_104a.html this guy had CH and went to Saitek and he thinks they are better, so maybe he is right.
  6. So what you are saying that AF+FF4/RV looks much better than F4+FF4/RV? And will it be OK if i would install FF4/RV on AF v 1.09? I will give it a try anyway, thank you. :pilotfly:
  7. So what is better, F4AF or Falcon4 + FF4 ? Who looks better and where do planes fly better? And if people have pictures please put them, i might go and look for the Falcon 4 disc. Thank you.
  8. OK i got it from bittorrent, thank you guys.
  9. It is only possible to download with bittorent or maybe something els? Thank you.
  10. GR27

    F-15 Release

    Nice picture, here are some little things that can make the beautiful F-15 model even better, maybe it can be fix. :pilotfly:
  11. Thank you all and Jonnyb3 thank you for the mission it was fun but i'm looking for more than just flying in straight line, i want to turn and roll... well i think i will try to do this in HypeLobby, where can i download it from? Thank you. :pilotfly:
  12. OK but can i make the AI plane do a roll or anything else without me being the leader? Thank you. :pilotfly:
  13. I would like to fly formation flight like the Blue Angels in FC, is there a way i can edit a mission for such a flight? Is it possible to make 4 planes taxi and take off together and do all kind of aerobatics and i will try to fly on the right or left of the leader? Do you know if there is a mission like this that i can download for FC 1.12a? Thank you. :pilotfly:
  14. I am tired to hear "over G" or "pull up", is there a way to make "Betty" silence without turning off warning sound? Thank you. :pilotfly: Shift+N I did search and found the answer. :music_whistling:
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