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  1. Just stumbled on to this Chanel here are a few interesting things. May have been posted before buy what the heck.
  2. No the actual switch unit it tied in to the rotary Number display and then geared to a rotary switch.
  3. Ya ok guess it is thriving from your input cheers
  4. JUST a bump for some guys looking for these plans Cheers
  5. Yes accurate Locking Toggle switch caps are for sale on my shapeways site
  6. Ah yes one must pay for things but VAT for purchase made from outside the UK nope. and a bit price as well but hey thanks for the link
  7. agrasyuk do you have a link to the discord channel? nothing came up on a search Thanks
  8. Looks great thanks for posting cheers
  9. The parts numbers are from my collection of real simulator parts. I took the time several years a go to record all of the switches i could Start at about here and work you way back in time not sure what pictures are still post the beast has been in storage for several years do to the lack of a house.
  10. Yes Just Google the parts number The line Check push button is a MS25089-3G search results https://peerlesselectronics.com/ms25089-3g-switch MS25089-3G Otto Sealed Military Spec Pushbutton Switch. 10A, 2 circuit, Screw Terminals, Momentary, Black Button. Hardware included. Same as Otto P1-72622. Information is on the web site. You can all check the A-10 C flight manual
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